The ginger haired one might have got a larger inheritance from grandma than his brother, but it won’t do the alliterate one any good unless she can pry it from him while they are still married.

Perhaps a bigger “marketing” budget for the new company.

Prince Harry

Prince William

Meghan Markle
American Riviera Orchard

Recent revelations show that Prince Harry got more inheritance money than his brother, Prince William.

This extra money came from their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s estate after she died in 2002.

  • The estate was worth about £70 million and had valuable stuff that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, their grandmother.
  • In 1994, the Queen Mother put most of her money into a trust for her great-grandchildren.
  • Reports say Prince Harry got more from this trust than Prince William did.
  • This difference might be because Prince William is first in line to be king, so he’ll get a lot of royal stuff when that happens. Prince Harry is further down the line.
  • When Princess Diana, their mom, died in 1997, she left them a lot of money too. At first, they got almost £13 million each, but after taxes, it was about £8.5 million.
  • But smart investing made that money grow to over £20 million for each of them by the time they were in their twenties.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their royal roles and moved to the US. They bought a big house there for £12.8 million, using some of an £8.3 million loan.
  • Prince Harry’s own money is about £48 million, and Meghan’s is around the same.


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