The reason this permanent A list singer has always lied about her age is pretty simple.

It is only a one year difference, so why would she do it?

It wasn’t her.

It was the record label owner/significant other.

He wanted her to be able to go through an entire decade with people saying she was in her 20’s.

He didn’t want the blip at the end where people would call her 30 or nearly 30. It was long term marketing.

Mariah Carey

Tommy Mottola

Some sources state her birth year as 1969, a few other sources state 1970.

Music Mystery – No One Knows How Old Mariah Carey Is

How old is Mariah Carey? You probably don’t know, which is normal.

What’s not normal is that no one else does, either. Google it — you’ll only find a deep rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, Freedom of Information Act requests, and dodgy answers from her publicist.

Even Wikipedia lists her birth year as “1969” or “1970,” depending on the edit, and you’d better believe there’s a heated talk page about it. – Read more here

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