21Jun, 2024

The split

June 21, 2024|

She has quietly split with her husband.

19Jun, 2024

6 blinds in a row: June 19, 2024

June 19, 2024|

6 blinds in a row: he hired a woman /reboot / they don't want her to get help / rude awakening / attention of her own

18Jun, 2024

F1 Fakery

June 18, 2024|

Her thirst is unmatched.

16Jun, 2024

Trying to steal the spotlight

June 16, 2024|

Jam today, biscuits tomorrow! As Kate Middleton makes a heartfelt return to the spotlight, Meghan Markle’s latest gourmet adventures are stirring the pot.

16Jun, 2024

Explicit posters

June 16, 2024|

The east coast Housewife has been indefinitely suspended.

16Jun, 2024

Menthol cigarettes

June 16, 2024|

Is it illegal to bring back a carton of cigarettes of your choice when traveling? It is not.. right? Asking for a friend.. :) ~ Foxella

14Jun, 2024

Quid Pro Quo

June 14, 2024|

How far would you take a fake romance?