1705, 2021

Her posts

The stoned feline A- list singer needs a nose job because of all the coke she has done the past year.

1705, 2021

When the crew brought all this up to the actress she said it wasn’t her problem.

This A list everything in her mind actress was filming a commercial this past week. During the shoot, the entire crew were snubbed the benefits that were due to them. They were also forced to pay out of their own pockets for COVID testing even though the the production company was supposed to pay. When the crew brought all this up to the actress she said it wasn't her problem.

1705, 2021

There are no donations coming in.

Things aren't looking good for the cash grab of this former reality star/athlete. The website she uses for donations just repeats the same ten donors and their amounts in a continuous loop. There are no donations coming in.

1705, 2021

He hired people to kill every successor.

He may be out of power and headed to jail, but this former leader and his actress loving creep sibling have taken a bunch of money from a deposed African leader and hired people to kill every successor since.

1705, 2021

He didn’t see this coming

If you don't think this A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't know what is happening behind the scenes, well he does. That is reason number one he made that useless gesture. What he didn't see coming was the stoner comic actor trying to save himself by throwing the A+ lister under the bus by implying he is anti-Semitic.

1605, 2021

He is like the Kardashian of the comedy world

Remember what I have always said. This A-/B+ list actress is one of the best beards money can buy. She got a brand new gig and couldn't be more excited. She even put a little backstory to the whole thing which totally contradicts everything her "boyfriend" has said in the past about his beliefs.