18Jul, 2024

Crypto scheme

July 18, 2024|

Feds are investigating the celebrity

14Jul, 2024

RIP Shannen Doherty

July 14, 2024|

She posted this just 3 weeks ago on June 25. This is so sad.

13Jul, 2024

Foul play

July 13, 2024|

He rescued multiple kids over the nine months prior to him dying.

13Jul, 2024

Fake engagement thing

July 13, 2024|

She has never even done more with him than a peck on the cheek.

10Jul, 2024

The looks and favors

July 10, 2024|

No one wants to deal with the parents of the barely there celebrity offspring

9Jul, 2024

Was he married twice?

July 9, 2024|

His parents had their marriage annulled and the paperwork destroyed. He only got to see his dad a couple of times.

9Jul, 2024

Challenger makes waves

July 9, 2024|

Allegedly there were some very unusual bets were placed within the final two hours prior to the match.

8Jul, 2024

Bottle service

July 8, 2024|

No prenuptial agreement and they are currently in divorce proceedings.

8Jul, 2024

No talk shows. No press.

July 8, 2024|

For promotion she is open to Vogue and Town & Country but only if they give her the cover and she gets to pick the writers and photographers.

5Jul, 2024

It sounded like that…

July 5, 2024|

Popularity crisis deepens, these awards are more about PR than genuine recognition.