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1Jun, 2023

His very own cult

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor didn’t have much luck recruiting women into his cult, so now he is going to start a church. (more…)

1Jun, 2023

Old Hollywood: He wanted to marry the actress but his mom said no

Old Hollywood

This actress married one of the greatest screen legends of Old Hollywood.

The blind is not about her relationship with him though, it is about her relationship with a permanent A list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

He wanted to marry the actress but his mom said no because the mom only wanted him to marry someone white.

The actress in question was extremely jealous of her actor boyfriend.

She once tried to shoot him as he boarded a train to go film a movie because he would not take her along.

On another set she got into a fistfight with a permanent A list actress because she was getting too friendly with the actor. (more…)

1Jun, 2023

She has an expiration date

One of the reasons you know that the frozen flavoring is an industry plant is that she landed a spot on the toy movie soundtrack being released this summer before anyone had heard of her.

She has an expiration date just like that one named foreign born singer a few years back that everyone thought was going to be huge.

The A+ list singer waved her magic wand and the singer was gone just like that. (more…)

1Jun, 2023

He hasn’t been home for months

The timeline is really not working for me because this foreign born A+/A list actor/superhero hasn’t been home for months, so how was he home when the chef was ranting and screaming and hurling abuse? (more…)

31May, 2023

He is tomcatting around looking for a good time

This reality star seems to thrive on playing the role of victim, as she’s never been more in demand since her promising romance went kaput.

She’s milking her newfound fame for every last drop and even recently rebounded, trading in her no good ex for a “knight in shining armor.”

But is this whole thing a sham?

Her new “love” lives in a different state, and when she’s not close by for convenient photo ops, he’s tomcatting around looking for a good time!

A show insider claims the entire breakup and rebound romance was scripted, but if we give her the benefit of the doubt and it wasn’t, then she’s setting herself up for more heartbreak!

Her new beau doesn’t seem any more loyal than her last one… (more…)

31May, 2023

OLD HOLLYWOOD: I’m not going to be one of those cheap floozies you fuck around with!

OLD HOLLYWOOD: Throughout their careers, these two A++ singers, one male and one female, hated each other and for good reason.

Back when they were on the brink of fame in the late 1930s, he tried to hook up with her with disastrous results.

After dining and seeing a show at a nightclub, the married crooner parked his car in the local lover’s lane and went in for the kill.

He was one step close to sexually assaulting her, after he unsnapped the back of her bra and exposed himself to her. (more…)

31May, 2023

This is why they have such good chemistry now.

This permanent A list actor/director who got his start on television and this permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee have starred in several movies together spanning decades.

It was their first collaboration that they hooked up during the entirety of filming.

It is why they have such good chemistry now. (more…)

30May, 2023

She was everywhere a decade ago.

This former A- list actress was everywhere a decade ago.

Then, she fell in love and she knows if she takes a job that her indifferent higher on the list husband (not named Ryan Reynolds) will probably leave her.

So, she keeps turning down work. (more…)

30May, 2023

After killing a man – He Did See Her Again – Old Hollywood

The legend has it that this former A+ list celebrity, after killing a man, never again saw the woman who was with him at the time of the death.

She came from a very wealthy family, but the former A+ list celebrity was even more wealthy.

He preferred dating women without means because he was embarrassed when he did something to cause high society to turn their noses at him.

This was one of those times.

He did try to keep her out of the press and to not involve her, but he was unable to do so.

Embarrassed at what he had put her through, he always told people he never saw her again after a very public spectacle regarding the killing of the man. (more…)

30May, 2023

3 related blind items. One revealed.

1) This A- list actress has been controlled forever by this three named Svengali.

She has always been at his beck and call to serve whoever needs serving.

Apparently she said no to him this week.

The last time someone said no to him, they were dead within a few weeks. (more…)

30May, 2023

Revealed: Drat 1, 2 and 3

As is the case every week, I just tell Bard who to write a blind item about.

My only instruction is write a blind item about _______________.

This is not the description I would give the singer/actress, but here it is.

And Draft 2 is dark, but I love it. (more…)

30May, 2023

He was legally in charge of a minor’s well being

At this point, you get the feeling the old permanent A list singer is trying to drag out a lawsuit until he dies.

He obviously doesn’t care about what people think with an argument that because he was legally in charge of a minor’s well being, that he was legally allowed to rape her. (more…)