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29Nov, 2022

She should be going after her husband

Perhaps the permanent A list “singer” should be going after her husband for making the pass at the former singer turned A- list actress instead of the actress who turned him down cold. (more…)

29Nov, 2022

The Rescuer

Yes, if there was one more s it would be the name of a classic Disney cartoon.

The difference is those cartoon characters actually rescued someone and our rescuer just likes to tell a tall tale while also hiding his terrible misdeeds.

I always get suspicious when a celebrity, especially one who was A or A- list at the time the story happened, has no independent confirmation or someone, even a flunky or employee who was with him when it happened.

Instead, it is some fake story generated by publicists to give the celebrity something to discuss in interviews for a few years. (more…)

29Nov, 2022


I told you last year that this former reality star offspring of reality stars who had a lot of kids, but not like 20 something of them was thinking about doing OnlyFans.

Apparently it is a go.

Her dad is already counting the money. (more…)

29Nov, 2022

CCTV footage

This A- list actor who is best known for multiple television roles in which he starred, has a long and horrible reputation when it comes to women he harasses and dates.

Last week he was harassing a woman at a restaurant bar of all places.

The woman’s boyfriend then came in and knocked the actor out with one punch.

Apparently, there is CCTV footage of it and I would love to see it. (more…)

29Nov, 2022

She knows the network wants her to just walk away

This permanent A list model/host has an option on the show she hosts that she hates hosting.

She knows the network wants her to just walk away, but she is going to make them pay her entire salary plus some for not showing up. (more…)

29Nov, 2022


Back at the end of August, a woman who specializes in Voodoo, was approached by a representative of an actress to see if the woman would like to move in with the actress as a 24 hour “advisor.”

The woman declined because of family reasons, but one of her best friends, who is even more into Voodoo, has not been home since Labor Day. (more…)

29Nov, 2022

It is tough to go to rehab

It is tough to go to rehab when you are in your mid 60’s, but the permanent A list singer needs to go or she will soon be dead. (more…)

29Nov, 2022

The offer

It will be tough for this foreign born permanent A list soccer player to accept the offer that has been made, because his long time male companion would never want to visit. (more…)

29Nov, 2022

Are they going to destroy the manager?

Either the head person over at the initialed online/television tabloid has grown a spine or the momager has decided to not do business with the shady business manager any longer and has given the word to her minion to destroy the manager.

I would suggest it is the latter.

This would also be a 180 to the position the tabloid has taken for fifteen years towards the business manager. (more…)

28Nov, 2022

Boy toy

Speaking of permanent A list singers, this aging one is discovering that boy toys are much more expensive than the ones she was paying for 30 years ago, and are constantly demanding money and toys. I don’t see this one lasting very long. (more…)

28Nov, 2022

3 blinds in a row

There is a reason why this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor has not committed to buying a dog with his on again off again model girlfriend.

Because he is not committed to the girlfriend. (more…)

28Nov, 2022

She may end up dead

It is pretty clear by now that if this former A- list actress keeps getting back together with her ex, at one point she may end up dead.

She will certainly be broke if she keeps paying for his first class tickets from her pocket. (more…)

28Nov, 2022

She was pumping the bank as recently as a few weeks ago.

The A-list political commentator/grifter was the public face of the “anti-woke” bank which just collapsed, after burning through $50 million of investor money, in less than a year.

She was pumping the bank as recently as a few weeks ago.

Regulators are looking into the extent of her involvement and whether it was limited to just being a spokesperson. (more…)