1804, 2021

The ex wants money.

This NBA player who made headlines last year with his very very public affair, is about to have some news drop from his ex that could see him suspended. The ex wants money.

1804, 2021

3 blinds in a row

In a book she is writing, this former A+ list super model who has a cameo once a year on our television screens says she made more money being the girlfriend of this long time A list entertainer than she did modeling. / This tool of an A/A- list alliterate director has had a couple recent good years and would have been a solid A list if his films made money. At an industry event, he ran into his ex-girlfriend, and while he was friendly at first, once he found out she was getting married abruptly stopped talking to her in front of others and pretended to not know her the rest of the party. / The husband of this A+ list dual threat actress is cheating on her again. Their marriage almost crashed the last time.

1804, 2021

He wants him on the road.

The manager wants money. There has been so much promotion and the record sales suck, but he wants that foreign born former A+ list tweener on the road. Arenas have been waiting for the word the shows are going to be canceled, and the promoter is going to lose out on a bunch of money if the decision to cancel is not made soon. The manager keeps holding out that they can play some shows, especially in certain states.

1704, 2021

Next week, no one will care about her again.

This former A- list athlete in her corner of the sports world is missing the limelight and attention. She thought she would get some of it back in her last "relationship," but not so much. So, now that her ex is in the news this week for some television duties, she took the opportunity to get the cameras on her by talking about him. Next week, no one will care about her again.

1704, 2021

Why the rich gets to do this

Dear SEC (not the football conference, but if they could help, then sure), I guarantee that if I owned a company and then constantly pumped it online and told people it was going to make massive returns for them even though I knew it was a fake, crap company, I would be breaking the law. If, after people did buy shares of it, I sold all of it at record highs while leaving everyone else broke, I would be going to jail.

1604, 2021

In his own words he said what a scum of a human he was.

Yes, the entire world should know about the awful producer. The thing is though if you go back to the studio hack from several years ago, it was all there. In his own words he said what a scum of a human he was. Everyone already knew this, but much like other Hollywood stories it takes someone to actually write it down before it makes the person the pariah they should have been prior to publication.