1008, 2022


The offspring of the acting couple who is doing OnlyFans is about to collaborate with the barely legal offspring of reality starsĀ  that got famous more than a decade ago for having a lot of kids. (more…)

1008, 2022

There will be no criminal penalties

Even if this credit card company ultimately has to defend itself at trial, there will be no criminal penalties and whatever fine or judgment entered against it will pale in comparison to the hundreds of millions of dollars it has earned being the financial conduit for p.o.r.n. payments, illegal and legal.

The CEO should be held criminally liable because he was aware of it, but will never be subject to criminal proceedings, because those kinds of things don’t happen in the real world. (more…)

908, 2022

The Setup

Did he intend for the two men to be murdered?

I don’t think so, but you never know with this sports figurehead.

I do believe he arranged for the hookers that the two athletes hooked up with that night and ended up murdering them. (more…)

808, 2022

He is actually the front runner

I didn’t think studio news could get more insane, but the troubled actor who kidnaps children and teens and gets into violent confrontations and does everything wrong as a public figure you can do, is actually the front runner to film the next installment of their superhero franchise. (more…)

808, 2022

A breakup in the wilds of Australia, a new baby, and a breakup with an “investment banker.”

I guess we know what is in the season finale of the reality family’s show.

A breakup in the wilds of Australia, a new baby, and a breakup with an “investment banker.”

Oh, and a love filled trip to Europe where there will be a fake proposal or teases of it from a rapper who would rather die than be tied to down forever, especially to his former one night stand. (more…)

708, 2022

Money talked.

This international boxing organization knew exactly what they were doing when they loaned championship belts to a streamer for their production about the permanent A list boxer.

Money talked. (more…)