1604, 2021


I will tell you straight upfront this has nothing to do with JFK and is probably not someone who would be in your top five guesses. Prior to ascending to the A++ list office, this politician only had affairs with women he hired to work in his office. They knew they would need to have se.x with him to keep their job. He had a high turnover rate because he would get bored or they would get tired of having se.x with him. When he became an A++ lister he continued the secretary tradition, but soon discovered he had groupies. A lot of them. There were women wherever he went to speak that wanted to be with him. He had staffers competing much like roadies to find women that would be willing to have se.x with him. He would hand out favors to those who found the most women or women he especially loved.

1504, 2021

His best friend

I don't think it would come as a shock to anyone that the serial cheating, sexually harassing, nursing home killer has a best friend who is the serial cheating, sexually harassing, bullying producer that has been in the news the past week.

1504, 2021

He is going to be the fall guy for the vaccine passport.

This former wannabe A++ lister is going to be the fall guy for the vaccine passport. Here is how it is going to work. The airlines hate there is no one system to use. They each have their own different setups. Plus, they are getting forged vaccination cards. The airlines want a vaccine passport and are bugging the guy who regulates them. He won't want to do it though because he won't ever get to be the A++ lister.

1504, 2021

This could take quite some time before we see the finished product.

This long long long time coming sequel to a movie that was a massive hit and even had a massive soundtrack is really bad. There needs to be some more shooting and the script needs some reworking. The thing is, the star of it doesn't have time to do any work on it for a few months, so this could take quite some time before we see the finished product.

1404, 2021

The attention won’t help

They can identify themselves however they like. The truth is they have a new single/record coming out and they are trying to take a page from the former tweener turned adult singer and get some attention. The attention won't help because they aren't going to sell any records and they will be back to meeting men who tip them on their OnlyFans.

1404, 2021

Documenting EVERYTHING.

Source: Crazy Days and Nights This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who was a star in one of the biggest franchises of all [...]