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28Nov, 2022

She confirmed

The drug addict/muse pretty much confirmed she was playing for pay with the rapper. (more…)

27Nov, 2022

She keeps doing it anyway.

With certain photos she posts to social media, the thirsty wife of the A list actor/killer must know that she will be attracting some of the worst predators out there, but she keeps doing it anyway.

It is kind of like she wants her very own Wren Eleanor. (more…)

27Nov, 2022

3 blinds in a row

Unless she runs out of money, you will never see this former A list rapper go on tour.

She doesn’t want to do anything but stay home.

It is also one of the reasons her label doesn’t want to release any record, because then what is the point, if she won’t go out and support it. (more…)

27Nov, 2022

The Dinner

Do you remember the movie, The Freshman?

Yeah, not so memorable, but it did lead to a dinner that was held for several years by this actor who is rarely ever in the blinds.

His most famous appearance in the blinds was in the first few months of the blog’s existence.

At the time the movie was made, he was one of the biggest actors in the world.

Not necessarily the biggest star, but one of the biggest actors.

He is foreign born and is an Oscar winner/nominee. (more…)

27Nov, 2022

Thirst trap photo

It is pretty funny that within 24 hours of the one named A- list actress posting that iconic thirst trap photo, that the PR team of her “boyfriend” released a barrage of messaging about how they can’t wait to get married and start a family. (more…)

27Nov, 2022

He did her dirty last year and made her look foolish.

The former A+ list tween/teen actress/singer turned A- list adult singer really feels like the former late night actor, in her words, did her dirty last year and made her look foolish.

Perhaps that is why he was excluded this year from what will be a mainstay for at least the next five years on the end of the year holiday. (more…)

27Nov, 2022

The trainer

Do you think the former A+ list rapper’s “trainer” wanted him to interact with employees like that or that he was way off the plan the “trainer” had for him? (more…)

26Nov, 2022

Hopefully her disease is in remission.

This foreign born permanent A list singer is going to try and do one last tour next year.

Hopefully her disease is in remission.

Go see her if you can, because it will probably be the last time ever. (more…)

26Nov, 2022

They are no longer friends.

Apparently this married foreign born A list mostly movie actor didn’t appreciate this foreign born director from hitting on the mistress of the actor and they are no longer friends. (more…)

26Nov, 2022

3 blinds in a row:

It would be the television network and the cable sports giant that the fruit company would be buying if a deal can be made.

So, no, they are not buying the whole thing. (more…)

26Nov, 2022

She didn’t like that she only had one butler on call

Apparently the foreign born singer didn’t like that she only had one butler on call at her hotel suite, so moved to the place down the street where she could have a team of four to boss around and wait on her.

Oh, and she didn’t tip the one she had before leaving, so the new team should also expect nothing. (more…)