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20Mar, 2023

About the most recent gift

I’m not saying the most recent gift this one named rapper gave the north of the border singer is fake.

However, he has been known to give fake jewelry as presents and also had several cars he gifted to others that were supposedly all paid for, repossessed. (more…)

18Mar, 2023

She thought her kid would get her more attention

Apparently, this reality star thought her kid would get her more attention than it has and that she could monetize the child more easily.

The thing is, advertisers don’t see her as a motherly type and feel like the general public feels the same.

So, now until she can figure out what to do, the baby spends a lot of time at home without her. (more…)

18Mar, 2023

It was all the singer’s decision.

There were no doctors forcing the A list singer to cancel his tour.

For collecting on insurance, they might have said that, but it was all the singer’s decision. (more…)

17Mar, 2023

They are not going to release this infamous celebrity

The authorities in an Eastern European country are not going to release this infamous celebrity just because he says he has cancer.

The original plan was to establish a gofundme for the celebrity, but no one could figure out how to get him the money. (more…)

17Mar, 2023

The government cut a deal

The government cut a deal with two governments who were using the machines that caused brain damage to US government workers.

Now, they can pretend it is in the worker’s imagination and that no such weapons exist. (more…)

17Mar, 2023

She skipped out on a baby shower.

Speaking of celebrity offspring, this celebrity offspring of a former pretty bad actor skipped out on a baby shower.

It isn’t any big deal considering the father of the celebrant also was a no show. (more…)

16Mar, 2023

3 blinds in a row – OSCARS 2023

Speaking of needing a ride, this A list actress who was a winner/nominee had to get a ride with another actress to an after party.

Our A lister’s driver had been hanging out with all the other drivers at The Hollywood Bowl parking lot and got into a fight over some gambling and had to go to the hospital.

All of this meant, the actress also didn’t have any way to go change into a different dress for the party. (more…)

16Mar, 2023

The singer wife was not happy.

Apparently this permanent A list rapper/producer forgot to mention to his singer wife that he invited the pregnant foreign born A list singer to their Oscar after party.

The singer wife was not happy.

A few months ago there had been a d├ętente of sorts, about that past relationship, but it appears that is not the case any longer. (more…)

16Mar, 2023

No Investigation

Much like the death of Kate Spade, this death seems to have been totally glossed over and ignored and the convenient theory accepted as the final word, without even questioning or investigating.

It was the perfect crime because it was so easily believable.

Give an A- list actress an underlying medical condition that is all encompassing and make sure the world is reminded of it.

Make sure every tabloid and article about the actress mentions the underlying condition and the reader is left with an oh those things happen mentality.

This is an actress who very recently was a lead in a nationwide release movie.

A movie a lot of people watched.

Even with that, there was no investigation into her death.

There were no questions asked about how her death came to be.

The people closest to her who should do the digging, they obviously knew the underlying condition and accepted it also without question.

They are the ones who should be asking for answers and how this one particular thing killed her, despite her going through much worse over the past few years.

She pulled through all of those just fine and death wasn’t even an issue.

It took something special to be introduced into her body to do what it did. (more…)

16Mar, 2023

Is the serial cheater/abuser playing the victim card?

The A- list actor who has been acting since he was a kid and has other actors in the family is really a toxic f**k, isn’t he.

I love how he blames his actress co-star/former girlfriend for all the problems they face as a couple.

Is the serial cheater/abuser playing the victim card?

That is next level low. (more…)

16Mar, 2023

The logic

If a car company doesn’t have a media relations department for news organizations to reach out to for comment, then all the stories are one sided and beating up on the car company.

That is the logic of the celebrity CEO anyway. (more…)

16Mar, 2023

The cable channel is loving the buzz.

This pay cable show that is being discussed nonstop before it even airs, is not going anywhere unless the producers want to pay everyone off and then kill the show anyway.

Almost everyone, cast and crew are on pay or play deals.

The cable channel is loving the buzz.

They can handle edgy. (more…)

15Mar, 2023

The Scammer

It has been a few years since I have talked about this “talent manager.”

She has several family members in the industry, a couple of whom have been at least somewhat successful.

They have a name and a face.

The names and faces are used to sell classes and headshots and management services and a million other things that are not needed, but they convince you to buy.

They especially love when they can get a roomful of parents and give them the hard sell and then watch the money flow in.

They go all over the country renting hotel ballrooms for a weekend and walk out with tens of thousands of dollars that will do nothing for the career of the kids. (more…)

15Mar, 2023

The final straw

Apparently, this former A list tween teen turned A- lister adult caught her ex mid-thrust with a neighbor from down the street, and that was the final straw. (more…)