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29May, 2023

The Spell

I have heard the stories from makeup influencers that companies and competitors will often try and hack their phones to steal new looks as their own or just to see what they are working on or who is coming out with a new product.

If you find yourself listening to a certain YouTube pastor, he will tell you that he spoke to a “friend” who knew a big makeup influencer and they were convinced that it was actually demons that were hacking their phones looking for secrets.

Yeah, so there is that version too.

That one sounds like the more interesting version.

With that being said, that rumor has been a sort of an urban legend that everyone publicly discounts, but, there are those in the A list makeup influencer world, who always keep it in the back of their mind.

They don’t believe it, but they are superstitious enough, to not say that out loud. (more…)

29May, 2023

Underage girl allegations

So, now the A+ list singer and her followers can explain away all the hooking up with/kissing underage girl allegations that have emerged about the singer’s boyfriend. (more…)

29May, 2023

In any event, this actor proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she accepted, but

This actor was A list for decades.

In fact, his greatest successes probably came in the two hit shows in which he starred over the last two decades of his life.

He was an Oscar winner/nominee and the show where he most recently starred, is still airing new episodes, although not for much longer.

In any event, this actor proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she accepted, but the actor’s wife wouldn’t agree to a divorce, so the actor had to dump the girlfriend. (more…)

29May, 2023

Old Hollywood: Her career crashed and burned


Things have become muddled over the past 90 or so years about what really happened with this A+ list actress who was the biggest actress on the planet.

Her career crashed and burned when it became known what she did to supplement her income.

Although she was the highest paid actress, she was underpaid for what she brought to the studios.

She made far more money having s3x on the side with wealthy men.

Tabloids used to talk about it and it ruined her image and ultimately her career. (more…)

29May, 2023

If the allegations are true

If the allegations are true, now it does make sense that the former Housewife was seeing someone else who could afford all her bills. (more…)

28May, 2023

Song sounds like rushed out

This is what a song sounds like when you rush it out to try and cover for your racist boyfriend and distract everyone yet again.

Wait until you hear the 30+ remixes. (more…)

27May, 2023

He is the main source of leaks

This former wrestler turned actor is the main source of leaks about a more popular wrestler turned actor.

Apparently our leaker wants bigger roles. (more…)

27May, 2023

Said it low key

So, is the alliterate reality star kind of low key say she is hooking up with her sister’s ex? (more…)

27May, 2023

He will be deported

Whether he gets jail time or not, this north of the border will be deported either after the sentencing or after his jail term.

Apparently there will be US Marshals at the sentencing. (more…)

27May, 2023

4 blinds in a row: May 27, 2023

The husband of this A list singer is trying to make an undercover documentary without his wife really catching on that it is anything more than filming some happy moments and life events and reunions. (more…)