708, 2022

She has a problem on her hands

The lover her or hate her A list celebrity has a problem on her hands.

One of her highest level employees went all Karen on a POC writer who essentially wrote a blind about the employee and her friends.

The employee took offense and went on a social media rant aimed at the writer which makes her and the celebrity’s company look bad. (more…)

708, 2022

Do you believe them?

So, do you believe the church that covered up tens of thousands of child s.e.x. abuse cases and thousands of deaths of children north of the border, or do you believe the permanent A list “singer” when it comes to wedding venues. (more…)

608, 2022

Actor had worked for real mobsters early in his career.

Reader Blind – Old Hollywood

There have been endless conspiracy theories and allegations of foul play but the true cause of death of this actor who if rating by today’s standards would be a B- is far less exotic.

In keeping with his thuggish image (which included run ins with the police and a reputation with women), the actor had worked for real mobsters early in his career. (more…)

608, 2022

The Bugs – I thought I knew every story about this former A- list actress.

I thought I knew every story about this former A- list actress.

Between my personal experiences with her and talking to her all the time and her closest friends, I thought I knew them all.

I was wrong.

While she was filming a movie about drug abuse, she decided she wanted to experiment with harder drugs during the filming, just to give her an idea of what her character would feel.

Our actress was by no means method but she wanted to know what it was like.

I actually heard that before. (more…)

508, 2022

The only photo of them together

Old Hollywood

This A list movie actor who took time off from acting to serve during WW2, was married to multiple women.

He also had a long time boyfriend and for sale on ebay right now is the only photo I have ever seen of the actor and his long long time boyfriend. (more…)

508, 2022

The inflated ego

I do love the inflated ego this former Housewife has and how her departure was the reason the show fell apart.

It also means she had no clue what was going on in the show and around the show and why it couldn’t be allowed on the air any longer.

Reporters were a lot less likely to write the dozens of hit pieces about the stars ready, should the show have stayed on the air. (more…)

508, 2022

Knock down drag out fights.. Now what?

One thing you can always count on from this former A/A- list actress who has her peak in her rearview mirror is her knock down drag out fights with her permanent A list actor ex.

The other thing is she will come in after the fact and say she knew all along someone was a s.e.x.u.a.l predator/rapist whatever, long after that person has been in the news for it.

She will then share some personal anecdote like she is breaking news. (more…)

508, 2022

Even though she didn’t own the sample…

It wasn’t so much the credit without getting paid, but if the one named singer had a credit in the new record of the permanent A list singer it would be harder to yet again get a raise in child support to support her lifestyle.

Even though she didn’t own the sample or get any money for it, she feared the credit would be used against her when asking for support. (more…)

408, 2022

Hello Again

This A- list dual threat actor who has been top billed in a movie before and now has his own television show, was told by his employers to keep his nose clean.

Sure, they could have been referring to his coke habit, but as long as he does it at home and doesn’t die before the end of looping and doing press for the new show, they don’t really care about the coke. (more…)

408, 2022

Old Hollywood: The actress called one of the doctors she knew who wouldn’t ask very much.

This A- list actor who fell off a cliff list wise when talking films started, suffered a heart attack while at home with his lover, who was this foreign born permanent A list actress who only died within the past few decades.

The actress called one of the doctors she knew who wouldn’t ask very much.

While the actor’s condition worsened, our actress, who was afraid of being involved in a scandal, started to pack all of her stuff into a pillow case. (more…)