2907, 2021

So Bravo fucking Bravo hired a new housewife.

LOOK AT ME! PLEASE LOOK AT ME! So Bravo fucking Bravo hired a new housewife. As news leaks out that this new housewife of somewhere and her husband are MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. She is doing everything she can to be noticed. Sound familiar? Apparently, she is hosting a "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Gala" at her home to impress the other housewives.

2907, 2021

Their devotion to him is almost cult like.

This former A+ list singer who will have s.e.x. with anyone, continues to treat the two foreign born singers who are a "couple" as his personal play toys. Their devotion to him is almost cult like.

2907, 2021

The celebrity CEO isn’t dumb.

The celebrity CEO isn't dumb. He will tell you that he can give a reporter an all expense paid trip somewhere for a week with an e.s.c.o.r.t./s.t.r.i.p.p.e.r. that costs the CEO $20K and he will get 30-40 stories worth 1000 times that amount over the course of a couple of years.

2807, 2021

The guy kept going.

About a decade or so ago, this at the time A list celebrity who was in multiple reality shows and had several strange marriages and is someone all of you know, went out on a date. The guy really wanted to sleep with her. Throughout the night, she gets progressively more drunk and they go back to her place. She is conscious and will tell you to this day, that she was able to give consent. What she was unable to do was keep herself from throwing up all over herself while she was having s.e.x. The guy kept going. She also couldn't control her bowels, but the guy kept on going.