705, 2021

He already moved someone into his house.

This blink and you will miss her celebrity, was just dumped by this permanent A+ list athlete/woman beater. Oh, she thinks they are still together. She won't be thinking that when he doesn't pay her rent next month. The next thing you know she will be starting another yacht search. He already moved someone into his house.

605, 2021

Favor from a party leader

The opposition party leader in this European country reached out to their best friend and the next thing you know, this former A list athlete didn't have to go to jail for child p.orn like everyone else in the country would have.

605, 2021

Wigmaniac Blind: She shaved her head and now has a collection of wigs that she wears

Over the past few years, people have been wondering why this former 60s and 70s A list folk star has been wearing big Dolly Parton like wigs. They wondered if she was sick with cancer. Nope, turns out she had had surgery on her hand and when she woke up from the anesthesia, her hair had fallen out. It grew back, but not in the way she wanted it to, so she shaved her head and now has a collection of wigs that she wears.

605, 2021

One-legged paedo (pedo) diamond thief is on the run

On this one of a kind Caribbean island, the prime minister allowed this jewel thief/convicted pedophile to return to his home country instead of serving a jail sentence. The prime minister did this because their head of security was in on the crime. Now, the people on the island want some heads.