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15Mar, 2023

4 Oscars blinds in a row

This A- list actress/wannabe host was actively hating on her higher on the list celebrity significant other.

No one saw her drinking, but she was certainly acting like an angry drunk and if her significant other left her side even for 30 seconds, she would track him down and latch on to an arm and ask why he wasn’t moving around the party with her. (more…)

15Mar, 2023

3 blinds in a row: March 15, 2023

This foreign born actress is probably A- list. She has one hit show after another.

She still has another couple of years to go before she can drink, but she is doing her best to get this 40 something year old near billionaire to marry her.

This is not the guy she pretends to date for the general public. (more…)

15Mar, 2023

The key take away from the reporting

The key take away from the reporting about the celebrity CEO’s desire to have everyone in the world with a brain or chip implant is that “US” regulators wouldn’t allow him to test it on humans.

Countries dependent on his largesse and jobs and those countries where he can throw a bunch of money around and get some test subjects, are not quite so picky about the safety of their residents. (more…)

15Mar, 2023

Allegedly he is using again.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I told you that the former late night actor was using again.

It is interesting that the tabloid is running cover for him. (more…)

14Mar, 2023

Wait. So, they are not anti-title?


So, they are not anti-title?

I am so confused why someone so averse to titles wanted their daughter to have one.

Also, just as a FYI, there is a church of the same denomination five minutes from their house where the daughter could have been christened instead of driving two hours taking a plane, being met by the staff and security who did drive the two hours and having a Bishop perform the service.

Though, things would be awkward because they would have to explain why they never actually go to church. (more…)

14Mar, 2023

3 blinds in a row: March 14, 2013

This three named singer/muse has employed a PR team that uses bots to post nothing but nice things about their clients on every site where they are mentioned that accepts comments.

It is the singer’s push against all the negativity that has headed her way for the last couple of years. (more…)

14Mar, 2023

She ultimately failed in her efforts.

Way way back at the very beginning of the site, I wrote a blind item about how this A list mostly movie actress was obsessed with this foreign born three named actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee.

She desperately wanted him to co-star with her in a movie and took a studio jet to Europe just to have s *x with him to try and convince him.

She ultimately failed in her efforts.

This week, the director of that movie, confirmed it all. (more…)

14Mar, 2023

Alleged smuggling

This CEO is someone most people know.

He tries to make sure he is always in the news.

He has people who make sure his company is fully staffed with low level employees that are primarily undocumented.

He loves when they are undocumented.

He pays them less, they try harder and he fires them if they cause him trouble and they have no recourse.

Some parts of his company need skilled workers.

Very skilled workers.

The problem he has is that he needs them to be in the US.

He also doesn’t want to have to deal with the lottery of skilled workers. (more…)

14Mar, 2023

She seems like a new person since.

This foreign born A- list model/horrible actress confirmed what I told you last year that she did go to rehab.

She seems like a new person since.

She also broke off a relationship with a co-star who she said was a bad influence when it came to drugs. (more…)

14Mar, 2023

He was a young tween/teen at the time

This A-/B+ list actor sounds as if he would be foreign born.

He isn’t.

He has been starring on a popular reboot for the past several years and is heading up to A list this year with his new project.

He says that he was molested on a project several years ago and was only allowed to stay on the project if he allowed himself to be molested.

He was a young tween/teen at the time and didn’t know who to ask for help. (more…)

13Mar, 2023

She has booked nothing in over a year.

This actress probably reached her peak this past season on this pay cable hit.

Sure, she had main roles before, but this was big.

She can’t book another job right now though because a former co-star on a movie who is much higher on the list has been spreading horrible rumors about her and it is making producers hesitant to even look at her for a role.

She has booked nothing in over a year. (more…)

13Mar, 2023

She wants the NDA nullified

About a year ago, I wrote a blind in this space discussing how the permanent A+ list athlete had split with his girlfriend because of something the golfer has done before to other women.

Now, the girlfriend is a former girlfriend and wants to speak about what I wrote. (more…)