Speaking of reality stars, this former tween reality star turned adult celebrity isn’t doing a very good job of having people sign NDAs before she starts messing with them.

I smell lawsuits in her future.

Jojo Siwa

JoJo Siwa responded to alleged booing during her headline performance at Pride Disco in Central Park’s SummerStage, Manhattan, with defiance. She called out the booers, held up a sign promoting her new single, and responded with colorful language.

Who the living f*** just booed me? Where the f*** did that come from? Which one of you? Which one of you?’ the 21-year-old Dance Moms alum yelled at the audience.

JoJo then held up a handmade sign promoting her new single Guilty Pleasure and told the unseen offender: ‘Respectfully, f*** you!’

Despite lip-sync allegations and criticism, Siwa expressed gratitude for the support at Pride shows, calling the event her favorite day and celebrating her LGBTQAI+ advocacy. She also announced her upcoming EP and reflected on her journey since coming out in 2021.

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