Most of the time the producer/wannabe rapper has the mark hidden beneath a watch or bracelet.

Three very tiny dots that form the shape of a triangle.

You could see it in the photos from his vacation.

You would be surprised at how many people have the three dots.

Sean Diddy Combs


Everyone at this foreign festival was very happy to see the north oj the border singer leave after her show.

She terrorized the staff by thinking she was A+ list when she clearly is not.

Avril Lavigne

Glastonbury Festival 2024

This alliterate reality star let it slip that the permanent A list “singer” has fired her manager.

The reality star could blame it on being drunk, but even when she says she is drunk, she isn’t.

She just thinks it makes her more relatable.

Kim Kardashian
 Khloe’s 40th birthday bash

Cade Hudson

Britney Spears

@tmz #KimKardashian ♬ original sound – TMZ

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