The alliterate has already stated to the powers that be that she won’t be promoting her new show like everyone else in the world would.

No talk shows.

No press.

She was offered the former reality star turned A list talk show host and the host would travel to the alliterate one, but the alliterate one said no.

She thinks the talk show host’s audience is not the right market.

Late night shows?


She thinks they will trap her into doing something she doesn’t want to do.

She is open to Vogue and Town & Country but only if they give her the cover and she gets to pick the writers and photographers.

Meghan Markle
Netflix – Cooking and Home Show

Kelly Clarkson

Sky News host Rita Panahi criticized Meghan Markle’s upcoming Netflix show, describing it as potentially “bloody awful.”

The project, part of a $100 million deal with Netflix, aims to focus on cooking, gardening, and entertaining, but specific details remain undisclosed.

Panahi expressed skepticism about the show’s potential success, noting previous lukewarm reception to the couple’s Netflix ventures.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield emphasized the importance of the project’s success for the Sussexes to maintain their Netflix deal, highlighting past projects that failed to capture substantial viewership.

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