For the first time in a very long time, there is new information on the death off this alliterate A list singer.

Shortly prior to soundcheck, our musician was introduced to a man by the singer from the opening act.

The man had been desperate for a meeting.

The man was told to wait through soundcheck.

Immediately after soundcheck, our A list singer met with the man.

This man has now given an interview to an author of a book and said he handed our singer a SD card with several hundred photos on it which had been taken by a private investigator.

The investigator couldn’t get through security that day because they had been told to watch for him and not let him through. So, he passed it off to our man who was kind of a groupie/gofer for the opening act.

The singer was seen putting the SD card into his front pocket.

He then thanked the man and went his way after not even a 30 second meeting.

That SD card was not in the possessions listed of the musician.

The investigator had been hired by the singer.

Why was he barred from the show that night?

Chris Cornell

Taylor Momsen
The Pretty Reckless)

The conspiracy surrounding Chris Cornell’s death

Chris Cornell, the legendary frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, was found dead in his hotel room on May 18, 2017. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging, but this conclusion has not satisfied everyone. Numerous conspiracy theories have emerged, fueled by inconsistencies and unanswered questions surrounding his tragic demise.

1. The unaccounted SD card:
One of the more intriguing theories involves an SD card that reportedly contained sensitive information. According to some, a private investigator hired by Cornell had collected compromising photos or documents that might have threatened powerful individuals. This SD card was allegedly handed to Cornell just before his death but was never found among his possessions.

2. Suspicious circumstances:
Critics of the official ruling point to several suspicious circumstances. Cornell’s wife, Vicky, has stated that he showed no signs of depression and had not expressed suicidal thoughts. Additionally, discrepancies in the police report, such as conflicting statements about his state of mind and the behavior of those around him, have fueled speculation.

3. Big Pharma connection:
Some theories suggest a connection to Big Pharma, alleging that Cornell and his close friend Chester Bennington were planning to expose child trafficking rings involving high-profile figures. Proponents of this theory believe that their deaths were orchestrated to silence them.

4. Inconsistent autopsy reports:
There are also claims of inconsistencies in the autopsy report. Some conspiracy theorists argue that certain injuries on Cornell’s body were not consistent with suicide by hanging, suggesting possible foul play.

5. Link to Chester Bennington’s death:
The death of Chester Bennington, just two months after Cornell, has also sparked theories of a sinister connection. Bennington, who was very close to Cornell, died in a manner eerily similar to his friend. Some believe that Bennington’s death was staged to look like a suicide to cover up a larger conspiracy.


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