13 02, 2021

Old Hollywood: The father was extremely cruel to his boy

This permanent A list actor became the father to an 11 pound boy, who was his first and only son, and announced to the world that he "had his linebacker." The boy, who later became an actor himself, grew up to be a string bean, and the father never forgave him for that. The father was also very thin, but was extremely cruel to the boy growing up because he was thin too.

3 02, 2021

Heather O’Rourke – History does repeat itself.

History does repeat itself. In Hollywood, back in the silent era there was an actress who from the time she was 11 or 12 was forced to play adult roles. As in the love interest of men two and three times her age. The studio machine told the world the actress was 16 or 17, which apparently was fine for her to have se.x scenes at 16 with men who were so much older.

30 01, 2021

He died before the divorce was final, so she inherited a ton of money.

This actress/model/es.cort with a very unusual name had a one night stand with an auto heir and a month later said she was pregnant. He believed her and married her. In their divorce, he said she cost him $200K per month in shopping and he was going bankrupt. He died before the divorce was final, so she inherited a ton of money.

2 12, 2020

Repost: Old Hollywood tattoos.

He has a glossy photo of it made up for her to sign. He waits patiently outside the theatre door for her to emerge. "Ms. ______; I am a HUGE fan of your work! You were magical in (play she had just finished)."–extends picture and pen.

2 12, 2020

Repost: He Too – Old Hollywood – LONG READ

This beloved deceased permanent A list male star was one of the biggest predators in Hollywood. We'll call him Mr. R. Every female he worked with experienced some kind of predatory or inappropriate behavior from this person. Because of the times and his power in the industry, it was impossible back in those days to stop him. At least half a dozen actresses were alleged to have been assaulted, and there are probably more that did not share their experiences with anyone out of fear.

29 11, 2020

They all agreed that whoever could sleep with her first would win the bet but they wanted proof.

Johnny Grant knew everyone in Hollywood and he told me a lot of stories over the years. Some I promised never to tell and some he told me I could write about immediately. This one he wanted to wait until all the participants were dead, but since there is kind of an Old Hollywood theme today, I thought I might as well share it. It is not technically Old Hollywood since some of the participants are still alive but it shows you that debauchery and rude behavior were as common four decades ago as they are today.

29 11, 2020

Her arrest record disappeared after some money exchanged hands

Before she was famous, this future A++ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee was hoofing it up on Broadway in the chorus line of a second rate revue. She was also making ends meet by prostituting herself to shady men who lived near the apartment she was renting out. Her pimp was psychically and mentally abusive towards her and one night she had enough.

23 11, 2020

Her husband at the time knew this of course, but wanted to make himself look better, so always told the version that his wife turned down the actor. Nope.

21 11, 2020

Take him outta the plane and go to the hotel. Try and sober him up. He’d better put on a show.

This star has faded somewhat. His career spanned decades — TV, films, nightclubs mostly. He has sung in the past but is not really remembered as a serious recording artist. Along with his famous A+ friends, he used to take to the stage and entertain people. He was an internationally famous star. So a charitable organization in Toronto decided it would ask this comedian to perform on stage to raise money for a charity. The multi-talented star demanded $50,000 for one night, and the charity agreed. A date was set. Tickets sold out in no time.