25 11, 2021

Where Is The Kid? – Old Hollywood

In the past in this space, there have been several stories about old Hollywood actors and actresses who gave up kids for adoption or pretended a family member was a child's parent instead of themselves. Old Hollywood allowed for that kind of anonymity and hiding family members and histories that might make a fan hesitant to buy a movie ticket.

23 11, 2021

Old Hollywood: It’s quite an amazing maze.

This blind is classic Himmmm. I thought I would leave it in situ so to speak just leaving the names blank and providing a brief clue about each. Did you also know that _________________ (former child actress turned A lister turned doesn't act any longer) grandfather (actor) was given a s**t-ton of stock from Jack Warner as part of his profit-sharing deal in the late 1920s? It makes those family feuds they had and still have make much more sense now.

22 11, 2021

Old Hollywood: Insanity

Not a lot is known about her. Everyone knows about her friend, the foreign born permanent A list movie actress was at one point the highest paid actress in the world. She only received one Oscar nomination though. She was married to the same man for over fifty years. What about the woman who was by her side for decades? That woman was the "wife" of the husband of our actress. Our actress was interested in her husband, but also others.

16 11, 2021

Old Hollywood: Craziest 48 hour trip. – Looooong read!

On Sunday night I was surfing the internet and saw an article about Bangkok.. Specifically a hotel in Bangkok that was undergoing a renovation. I remembered staying in that hotel like it happened yesterday, but is getting on towards a decade. I have always wanted to write about what happened that trip but I don’t think I am a good enough writer to convey all that was going on around me during that trip.