There has been a lot of buzz about this former pay cable actress turned superhero hooking up with a royal from a very small country that is very wealthy and not named Monaco.

Brie Larson

This one named permanent A list rapper has a track in the running for his new album which is about his former girlfriend who is a now dead actress.


Brittany Murphy

Speaking of foreign born actresses, this former A list actress from a massive franchise keeps trying to land roles she wants, but she only gets offered roles she doesn’t want.

One producer offered her TRIPLE her normal fee which would be A+ list kind of pay if she would be willing to get naked and have a s.. ex scene.

She turned it down.

Emma Watson

Harry Potter

This producer/former reality star/serial impregnator/recycled car giver made a fool of himself hitting on a bunch of beauty pageant types and kept reminding them of the show he used to be on.

Randall Emmett

Vanderpump Rules

Now, the A list athlete is so caught up in the storyline that he is contributing to it.

His girlfriend doesn’t like contributors.

Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift

@playthehitslive WOAH. #traviskelce #taylorswift #swiftie #fyp #celebrity ♬ original sound – Dave Cullinane

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