25 12, 2019

Things would get nuclear ugly in a hurry.

The reason this feud between the host and the permanent A list rapper has not gone further is because the rapper has so much dirt on the permanent A+ list singing ex of the host that things would get nuclear ugly in a hurry.

19 02, 2019

It is kind of embarrassing

I don't know if this reality star offspring/future/current sugar baby who is kind of a reality star herself wants to hookup with this permanent A list rapper/actor or just hang out with his barely there celebrity daughter who she basically stalks nonstop to the point it is kind of embarrassing.

26 09, 2018

Looks more and more like the feud was staged

Looks more and more like the feud between the one named permanent A list rapper and the three named A- list rapper was staged. The latter flew up to the former's house and they had dinner and strippers shuttled over to the house for a party.

22 06, 2018

2 Eminems

This former A+ list rapper turned basically one step away from being a hermited Howard Hughes is mixing his meds again and trying to play with doses and when he does that just becomes a zombie. / Considering the drugs this permanent A list rapper is using right now, it was probably not the best idea for this foreign born rapper to start hooking up with him.

21 04, 2014

She says she is trying to remain faithful to her boyfriend

This A list entertainer (rapper) had a falling out with his frequent recording partner who is also A list. Apparently they usually hook up when they get together in the same city, and by hookup I mean that he watches her have sex with another woman. She refused this time though because she says she is trying to remain faithful to her boyfriend.

2 09, 2013

Humped & dumped

Which Piff-Puffin’ A-List Pop Singer Is Rumored To Have Spazzed Out After Being Humped & Dumped By A High Profile Rapper?