This one named permanent A list rapper has reached out through back channels and told this permanent A list singer he is going to leak naked pictures of her unless she gets her ex to stop doing what he has been doing.


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Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Attacks Rap God Eminem Once Again: “Botox Is The Secret To His Young-Looking Face”

TV host and rapper Nick Cannon is not done attacking his nemesis Eminem. He recently claimed that the secret of the rapper’s young-looking face was botox.

In the latest clip of an interview with VLAD TV, Cannon talked about the possibility of the rapper turned to botox to enable him to age “gracefully”, reports

Cannon rapped about the allegations in his diss track “Pray for Him”. Cannon told the channel: “Eminem doesn’t look the same the way he once looked.”

He continued: “The proof is in the pudding. It could be years of drug use. You know, we don’t want to make fun of none… it seems like he’s on the right path but something’s going on. His s**t’s getting tighter and tighter as the years go by.”

The comments come after Cannon talked about the reported same-sex oral exchange he gave to his chauffeur, according to Eminem. He denied the claims, making some perceive him as homophobic though he said that it was not the case. – Source

50 Cent Says He Advised Eminem to Not Respond to Nick Cannon: ‘You Can’t Argue With a Fool’

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson advised Eminem to not go back at Nick Cannon’s recent diss records, which are generally considered to be underwhelming efforts by the “Masked Singer” host to bury a man considered to be the greatest battle rapper of all time.

“I told him don’t even say nothing to him,” Jackson told TheWrap Wednesday at ABC’s Television Critics Association press tour day. “The record is terrible.”

Cannon and some friends have actually dropped two diss tracks attacking Eminem: first “The Invitation” and then “Pray for Him.” Neither song has been particularly well-received by the internet. – Source

Nick Cannon Believes Eminem Is a ‘Product’ of Institutional Racism

The Nick Cannon and Eminem saga continues.

Cannon sat down with DJ Vlad for an interview on Friday (Feb. 7) to speak about his feud with Slim Shady. At one point, Vlad brings up the Wild ‘N Out host’s decision to sample an unreleased Em track from the ’90s that finds him disparaging black women when he raps, “Black girls are bi—es, black girls are dumb.”

Cannon believed the jarring rhymes to be “beyond racist.” “If you listen to the entire song, it’s clearly a song where he’s blatantly disrespecting black queens,” he said. “Not beating around the bush, what he said is, ‘Black girls are bi—es, black girls are dumb. They only want your money.'”

The 39-year-old scoffed at Eminem’s previous apology for the ordeal, which he chalked up to a bad breakup at the time. “He’s sorry for his individual racism, definitely, I believe he’s sorry for saying the things he said when he was younger,” Cannon explained. “But he’s not sorry for institutional racism, because he’s a product of it.” – Source

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