Looks more and more like the feud between the one named permanent A list rapper and the three named A- list rapper was staged.

The latter flew up to the former’s house and they had dinner and strippers shuttled over to the house for a party.


Machine Gun Kelly

This Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem Feud Is Just an Embarrassing Marketing Campaign

The worst part of Eminem’s beef with Machine Gun Kelly is that it has forced people to think at length about Machine Gun Kelly. If you’re outside of his core fanbase or Ohio, you’ve likely never spent much time thinking about the rapper. Yet, on Eminem’s new album he takes a shot at Machine Gun Kelly, who once said Eminem’s then-underage daughter was hot. It’s a disgusting beginning to any hip-hop beef, but this feud has continued for nearly a month and has resulted in two diss tracks—Eminem’s “Killshot” and Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil.” So much content for dudes to fight about on Xbox Live.

And it’s worked out for both of them. Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard Top 100 and Eminem’s “Killshot” had the highest 24-hour YouTube debut of any hip-hop video. So, good for them; as an insufferable marketing campaign, this whole thing worked out pretty well. Especially for Machine Gun Kelly, whose diss track was his second-highest Billboard debut of all time. Some fans even think this whole thing was staged, and there’s some pretty compelling evidence working toward that theory. – Source

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