You remember about four years ago the furniture supplier was accused of transporting kids in their products?

They have been firing anyone who could actually speak about it and replacing them with AI.

Now, they can say things like it is a computer or processing issue.


The conspiracy theory about Wayfair, which emerged in mid-2020, claimed that the company was involved in human trafficking, specifically of children. This theory was primarily spread on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Here’s the main points of the conspiracy theory:

  1. High-Priced Items: Conspiracists pointed to listings on Wayfair’s website for seemingly ordinary items like cabinets, pillows, and other furniture priced unusually high, often in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Names of Products: These high-priced items had unique names that conspiracists claimed matched the names of missing children, suggesting that these listings were a covert way to sell children.
  3. Shipping Codes: Some theorists also alleged that certain shipping codes used by Wayfair were indicative of human trafficking.

Despite these claims, there is no credible evidence supporting this theory. Wayfair and various fact-checking organizations, such as Snopes and, debunked the allegations. Wayfair explained that the high prices were due to incorrect pricing and that the product names were generated by an algorithm without any connection to missing children. Authorities and experts emphasized that these types of conspiracy theories can be harmful and distract from real issues of human trafficking.

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