His parents had their marriage annulled and the paperwork destroyed.

They wanted to be together, but the groom’s father controlled the life of the groom and said no.

The groom became an A++ lister.

His first son died, and only got to see his dad a couple of times.

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.

Kennedy (née Fitzgerald)

Durie Malcolm Appleton

John F. Kennedy

Was JFK married twice?

On what would have been Jackie Kennedy’s 86th birthday, questions linger about whether President John F. Kennedy was previously married to a socialite from Palm Beach.

According to sources, after a party where he had been drinking, John Kennedy and socialite Durie Malcolm supposedly got married in 1947 at a quick ceremony with a justice of the peace.

When Joe Kennedy, the family’s leader, found out about his son’s secret marriage, he was very upset. He wanted all records of the marriage to disappear. A private family document mentioned that Durie Malcolm had been married three times, including to “John F. Kennedy, son of Joseph P. Kennedy, former Ambassador to England.”

Both John and his brother Robert Kennedy used their power to stop journalists from looking into the rumored marriage to avoid causing a scandal. There’s no record of John Kennedy getting divorced.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the beloved former First Lady, would have been 86 on July 28. But even 21 years after her death in May 1994, people still wonder if she was JFK’s first wife, or his second, or if they were married at all.

For years, stories have circulated that before marrying Jackie Bouvier in 1953, the handsome future president secretly married Durie Malcolm.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, JFK and Jackie’s surviving daughter, and other members of America’s famous Kennedy family remember Jackie’s death from cancer, evidence suggests that JFK’s alleged secret marriage records were destroyed because of his powerful father, Joseph P. Kennedy.

Later, JFK and Robert Kennedy used their influence to stop journalists from investigating the rumored marriage to avoid a political scandal. One of JFK’s sisters claimed the couple got married after a party in Palm Beach in 1947.

It’s not surprising that JFK, who was being prepared for the presidency by his father at the time, denied marrying Durie when reporters started asking about it. However, he did admit that he and Durie had briefly dated.

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