It is crazy that this actress from north of the border only earns $4K a year from her most famous role, while her actor/boss still earns about $4K a day from the show.

Pamela Anderson

David Hasselhoff


Brandon Lee, 26, a producer on his mother’s new Netflix documentary titled Pamela: A Love Story, criticized the unfair compensation Anderson received during her tenure on the show.

Lee, said that his mother, Pamela Anderson, earns just $4,000 annually from residuals of Baywatch, the iconic 90s series in which she starred.

Reflecting on past deals and residual checks, Lee expressed dismay at how Anderson, who portrayed C.J. Parker in 110 episodes from 1992 to 1997, was exploited as a young actress on a major platform where she was the leading star at the time.

He said “A lot of people made a lot of money off that, people are going to have to have their day when we come knocking … when she makes $4,000 a year off of Baywatch? That’s a crime.”

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