18 10, 2021

The alliterate one has quite the little grift going on.

The alliterate one has quite the little grift going on. She finds charities that are thriving, even if not well known. She then puts them on her website and encourages people to donate to them THROUGH her own charity. She then not only takes a cut of the donation for "processing" but also can make it look like she is the largest donor to whatever charity because they all come from her.

16 10, 2021

They are way behind the schedule

The streaming service is not happy with the alliterate one or her puppy husband. They are way behind schedule and what they have done isn't going to work in the context of the project they pitched.

28 09, 2021

An appointment scheduled for a week from Monday

A very prominent plastic surgeon who is usually booked for at least a year in advance unless your name is Demi Moore has an appointment scheduled for a week from Monday which uses a very frequent alias of the alliterate one.

18 09, 2021

Yachting present

The alliterate one wore a yachting present, and didn't have a cover story for it, so now is scrambling.

9 09, 2021

4 blinds in a row

The alliterate one really wants her husband to sandbag his grandmother with a secret camera interview. / The advance sales for the new product line from this foreign born "singer" turned fashion designer turned celebrity have not been good. / Without even waiting for the results, this former A list musician who is probably A- list now, offered a pharmacist overseas $5K for a negative COVID test. / This A+ list mostly movie actor who started off on television is being pressured to run for Governor of California next year, much like a family member.