16 10, 2021

They are way behind the schedule

The streaming service is not happy with the alliterate one or her puppy husband. They are way behind schedule and what they have done isn't going to work in the context of the project they pitched.

11 10, 2021

We are learning new things about the singer’s friends.

Now that this foreign born one named A list singer has a boyfriend who is no good at keeping secrets from anyone, which is why his most important client gets blasted every time he has a new mistress, we are learning new things about the singer's friends. Specifically, she has a friend who is a foreign born married A+/A list celebrity who has more than once had to spend the night at her home because he had too much to drink and passed out. Apparently one time she had to get her couch cleaned and ultimately replaced because he pissed himself while sleeping on it.

16 05, 2021

I wouldn’t want to anger the alliterate one.

When your own husband tells the world you are the the person behind all the attacks on the husband's family after you have claimed innocence and disbelief that it could be you, how does that work at dinner with your husband. I wouldn't want to anger the alliterate one. The next thing you know she will be leaking to the world about secret babies her husband fathered or had terminated before being born in Las Vegas and Calgary.

4 05, 2021

The audience was told when to clap and to make sure they were loud.

Ever since shows began being filmed in front of a studio audience, they have shared a couple things in common. One, is that some person is trying to keep you involved in the taping and the other is that you are told when to clap and given encouragement to be crazy loud when you clap for someone. So, when you see the video making its way around today of the ginger one, they did the same for everyone else too. It was for a television show, in front of a live audience and the audience was told when to clap and to make sure they were loud.

23 04, 2021

He listed the funeral as a television special

Taking a tip from his wife at their wedding, the ginger haired one updated his IMDb page to include his appearance at the funeral. He listed the funeral as a television special, much like his wife categorized their wedding.

30 03, 2021

He was sent out by the wife knowing full well there would be a pap

I wonder if the ginger haired one thinks that some random pap must have got really lucky to snap his photo while out randomly biking with no helmet, mask, sunglasses or anything to disguise who he is. Of course not. He was sent out by the wife knowing full well there would be a pap, because they were called in advance. And yes, US taxpayers are still paying for security for the couple.

24 03, 2021

I’m sure he will fit right in.

The ginger haired one can't do anything about the fact that the company he is working for will never make a profit and would be out of business tomorrow if money was not so cheap.

16 03, 2021

She was wrong.

The alliterate one is going to be out of pocket well over $1.5M after all is said and done for a $1 win. She doesn't have that kind of money, but her husband does. She told him for sure, the other side would have to pay. She was wrong.

4 03, 2021

3 blind items in a row

As part of a side deal, the ginger haired one had to agree to not exploit images of family members for any profit ventures or ventures that appeared to be for profit. / While the alliterate permanent A list singer deserves our support in a lot of battles, let us also not forget the time she tried an end around to get control of the estate of her brother and leave his kids in the dust. / This A list mostly movie actor comes from an acting family and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Considering he can't stop the human trafficking in his own family, it is interesting hearing him marketing himself as an expert on the subject.

2 02, 2021

He will be traveling solo

Of course, the alliterate one is the one who had the change made to the reporting of a life event, and as I have told you for months, her significant other will be traveling solo. The question is will he return to his significant other after traveling or just hang out with his easy going drinking buddy, the foreign born A+ list one named singer.