The lawyer for the recently arrested singer is making this all about himself.

He seems pretty thirsty.

Edward Burke Jr.

Justin Timberlake

The alliterate one is trying to make an argument that the only reason she moved back to the US is because her husband moved here and she had to follow, so should be exempt from paying taxes like he is.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

This north of the border comic actor/talk show host/reality star says he is one of the top ten most successful rappers from his country.

Tom Green

This alliterate actress had to turn down work because her husband thinks she is working way too much and it isn’t what they agreed to.

Lindsay Lohan

Bader Shammas

The married one named rapper who used to be part of a trio keeps impregnating random women and his much higher on the list wife just keeps letting it slide.

She won’t let it slide when the women start deciding to have these babies and the wife will be footing the bill for child support.


Cardi B

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