All told there are just five hours of activities spread over the time period the alliterate one and her husband will be in country.

What really is the point?

Oh yeah, the locally “sourced” coffee that will soon be in a gift basket headed to people who really don’t want it.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry


During their first day in Nigeria, Meghan Markle expressed gratitude for the warm welcome, signing a visitor’s book at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja. Prince Harry also left a message, emphasizing unity to support wounded troops. The couple commended Nigeria for its commitment to sports rehabilitation, particularly through the Invictus Games. Harry praised Nigeria’s spirit and expressed hope for future involvement in the games.

Meghan’s Nigerian heritage, revealed in 2022, adds personal significance to their visit.

At a school event, Meghan emphasized shared experiences and resilience, connecting with students. Their visit aims to support injured armed forces members, highlighting the importance of community and solidarity.

On their initial day of visiting Nigeria, the Duchess of Sussex, accompanied by Prince Harry, penned a heartfelt message about the African nation:

“With gratitude for the support of the Invictus community. And for welcoming me home”

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