This group likes to pretend they have something exciting going on in their lives which is why they are postponing a huge leg of their tour.

The thing is though, they aren’t selling tickets and the postponement is going to be a cancellation.

The Jonas Brothers

This back in the day A- list actress/singer who now just basks in her wealth, thinks as she grows older she is looking more like a man which is why she got her breasts enlarged again and keeps getting massive lip fillers.

Jessica Simpson

The A list everything in her mind celebrity has tried for years to buy the rights to a former short lived show on which she starred, just so people wouldn’t be able to see her original nose.

Jennifer Lopez

Second Chances

It is very interesting that years after being promised the gig, it looks like this former late night host is going to be getting it after all.

Craig Ferguson

The Late Late Show

This Scandinavian royal had a reporter tossed from an event this week when he brought up some new information about her past with the billionaire ped*phile.

Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
Unifying Threads

Jeffrey Epstein

This former A list boy bander who would love nothing more than to reunite, is splitting with their spouse.

Lance Bass


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