Grifting Grifters

Our shady celebrity threatened to go to the police and give them what he knows about the death and how a YouTube channel was complicit, unless he gets a piece of the rehab action.

Like Napalm

These two women used to be best friends. They always hung out together and did coke together. They were in multiple threesomes with each other. The first one we will call AA . She was and is an actress. She peaked about A- list. The second one we will call BB. She has been an actress and a singer and a reality star and not very good at any of them, but all of you know her. They were best friends until a series of events over the course of a couple weeks resulted in them never speaking to each other again.

Everyone took a drink and a deep breath and then moved on to something else.

This former A list singer who doesn't do much of anything any longer except be a celebrity and live off her money has never been shy about sharing, sometimes too much. At a family gathering this past week, she related a story about how a couple of years ago, she got so much done to her lips and face that she couldn't close her mouth for about ten days.

She is skin and bones now.

This former A list singer/bad actress who is now a B+ list celebrity has been using Adderall like crazy the past few months to drop 30 pounds. She is skin and bones now.

Yeah, I know

This back in the day A- list singer/international box office champion wants to start a new career as a televangelist. Yeah, I know.

Apparently the sibling would have released a few stories of her own

The former A- list singer/#1 foreign box office actress took a lot of convincing before dropping a couple of chapters from her book about the substance abuse issues of her sibling. Apparently the sibling would have released a few stories of her own which would have contradicted dozens of chapters of the singer/actress.

The only reason you are still famous is because of your ex.

The only reason you are still famous is because of your ex. Have I always got along with your ex? No. But if I ever needed something or really needed help, she would be there. Always. So, I am helping her now. I know you are insecure about the few times you let that guy orally service you, so maybe that is the reason you are being so wonky now in your recent comments. And no, I didn't find out about the guys from the ex, I found out about them on my own. Apparently the tiny size of your apparatus is part of a drinking game in West Hollywood.

She meant it as an anecdote

She meant it as an anecdote, but the former A/A- list singer from back in the day just added another notch to why this A list singer/bad actor is such a tool.