17 06, 2021

No more people are going to be charged

In a series of leaks, the DOJ is trying to prepare everyone for the fact that no more people are going to be charged who are associated with the billionaire pedophile. They have decided even though they helped recruit hundreds of underage victims, that they are victims themselves.

7 06, 2021

The Papers: So, what will we find in those papers?

One would assume that the family would go through everything and remove all traces of anything that could lead to more reveals about this deceased A+ list scientist's s.e.x.u.a.l fetishes before handing them over to the government. Let us not forget that he was a guest on the island of the pedophile.

22 05, 2021

Whatever muddies the waters to move the story away from the pedophile.

I have talked about this repeatedly and now you see why he does it. The wealthy farmer donates a ton of money to media foundations and foundations run by media chiefs. So, when a story emerged this week that made him look bad, he reached out and now the story has become he wasn't always the nicest guy and implied that he cheated without saying he did and whatever else muddies the waters to move the story away from the pedophile.

3 05, 2021

The Apartments: All of the victims turned procurers had a key to each.

There were four apartments. All of the victims turned procurers had a key to each. They would rent out the key to the pilots who stayed in the same building on layovers. They would rent it out to anyone who could afford it. The rule was if anyone entered the apartment with a key, the underage girls inside knew they had to obey. One of the people who seems to stay immune from all this, is the sibling. He had keys to each apartment and made use of them too. One of the few outsiders to have a key was this couple. They talk a lot of talk, but every person involved knows that whenever they came into the city, they would bring booze and drugs and pick a key out of a hat. They would then go enter the apartment for that key and stay for hours and hours. This is the couple that had agreed to allow the billionaire to impregnate their offspring, who was also underage.

7 01, 2021

Celebrity Money Laundering

There is no doubt this massive monopoly launders money. It is one of the largest money laundering operations on the planet. It also isn't just for criminals, although, they do make up the vast majority of the people who use it. The crazy thing is banks are involved in it which seems odd, considering the front of the business. It is a very murky world of companies and fronts and shell companies, but every single one of you reading this, knows its most famous brand.

19 12, 2020

The Arrest

So much could have changed if the police had listened to this actor back in the day. I think the reason they didn't is he was still not quite legal when he was arrested. He also had a record. A few years earlier he had been arrested for coke and pot possession when he wasn't even old enough to drive. Even though he was not quite legal, his career was already headed down from its peak. He did movies and was in town filming a movie when he was arrested.

18 12, 2020

The company was started by the person arrested earlier today.

This A+ list government official is going to have to give a much better explanation as to why he was listed as the point of contact on the legal documents for a modeling company used for prostitution and trafficking. The company was started by the person arrested earlier today.

16 12, 2020

He also was a collector like his friend, the billionaire pedophile.

It has been more than three days, but there has been a resurrection. When the original death announcement was made, there were a fair number of people who didn't really believe this person was dead. However, in the intervening half decade, and with no sighting of the person, the number of believers he was alive, shrank.