19 03, 2022

Apparently the price is $2M.

The ex of this very very wealthy man stopped before she crossed a line that would totally end things for her ex, but it did make people dig, and the victim turned recruiter with many names has a story to tell for a price. Apparently the price is $2M.

11 03, 2022

Meetings that caused the divorce

Just meeting with the billionaire pedophile wouldn't have been enough, it was what the now ex of the wealthy farmer discovered about those meetings that caused the divorce.

6 03, 2022

I thought there wasn’t any video.

Speaking of the billionaire pedophile, what in the name of anything is the alliterate very high ranking former government official saying? I thought there wasn't any video. Now he says there was and no one went in or out. Huh? Trying to cover up being the last person to see him alive?

20 01, 2022

This judge never had protection before.

A judge that is not handling a criminal case, but is in charge of a civil case has never had protection before. Beginning last night, she now has a team of a six who are with her 24/7 to protect her from any John Doe's who might want her dead or to threaten her.