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In England the use of young people to transport drugs is called “county lines”.

The drug barons there use kids who were neglected by their parents to move drugs out of big cities into smaller towns.

From New York to Patterson for example.

Anyway, Epstein men and women use the same network to traffic teens to other predators. The teens think they’re going into a house to sell drugs and don’t know that they’ve been pimped out to a sex predator by a drugs predator.

This week a rapper in England was convicted for “county lines”.

One of his songs is called “Street Profit”.

The authorities are now interested in at least five other rappers making the same “Street Profit”.

One of them had a side Gig just like this.

Some say Mr. FreakOff was one of his biggest customers.

A Birmingham-based County Lines drug operation, originally run by Shakeel Khan and Mohammed Asim, was taken over by Shamraz and Amrez Alam.

The group was caught after an extensive investigation called Operation Target.

Photos of Asim flaunting cash in a car led police to Valentina Dobre, Shamraz’s girlfriend, who helped package drugs.

Mudassar Hussain and Waqar Ali were also implicated. Warrants led to several arrests and the discovery of significant cash amounts, totaling over £212,000.

The operation served nearly 400 customers, with payments directed to Asim’s account.

Khan admitted guilt, receiving a 10-year sentence. Other defendants, including the Alams, Asim, Dobre, Ali, and Hussain, await sentencing in July for charges related to drug supply and firearm possession.

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Rikardo Reid, also known as Stardom, was revealed as the leader of a significant drug operation known as the Flash county lines, trafficking cocaine and heroin from Birmingham to Aberdeen for five years.

Reid, associated with the GSA gang, faced threats from rival factions, including an incident at Levana bar in 2021. Joshua Nelson, Reid’s second-in-command, was involved in a separate drug supply scheme. The group, including Mickel Gardner, Ian Massie, Cree Dacres, and Himesh Suri, faced sentencing for their roles in the operation following the investigation named Operation Tiger.

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