No matter what you may see “leaked,” the alliterate rapper who does not speak English as a first language wants nothing more to do with the reality family and their games.

Bad Bunny

Kendall Jenner (Kardashians and Jenners)

Apparently, if you try and leave the employ of the flowering financial institution, she has been known to threaten you with a machete.

Azealia Banks

The frozen flavoring is trying to get the fans of this A+ list singer to try and drown out the fact she has been beating her boyfriend fairly regularly.

Ice Spice


Taylor Swift

Speaking of the former wheelchair actor, apparently he has a track about the message board founder and the alliterate one.


Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Meghan Markle

The former sugarbaby thought she was going to get her own spinoff on the network to discuss her life event.

She isn’t.

Her Q ratings are not good enough.

Lala Kent
Vanderpump Rules

This former A+ list rapper is personally auditioning potential po*n actresses for his studio.

It is taking up most of his time.

Kanye West

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