This long time permanent A list mostly television actor almost let it slip this week that he is gay.

Tom Selleck

In his memoir, ‘You Never Know,’ Tom Selleck recounts a moment from 1985 when he stepped in to dance with Princess Diana at a White House state dinner, purportedly to dispel rumors of her involvement with John Travolta.

Selleck, initially reluctant to intervene on Travolta’s dance with Diana, eventually agreed to dance with her after the song ended.

He describes feeling nervous but relieved that they danced to a slow song, avoiding the need to match Travolta’s dance moves.

Selleck portrays Diana as shy but an engaging conversationalist, acknowledging his own shortcomings in conversation that night.

His then-girlfriend, now-wife Jillie Mack, also danced with Prince Charles.

Clint Eastwood eventually took over as Diana’s dance partner.

Selleck’s anecdote illustrates his role in sparing Diana from further gossip, humorously referencing “Saturday Night Fever.”

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