2 related blind items

2 related blind items: The profile is back now, just with no photo. / It would all be about using the singer for more money and fame

3 blinds in a row

A long time Housewife tried to get her job back, but her recent acting decisions and the people she worked for, was the biggest reason for a no. / It is between this one named north of the border A list singer and the suddenly able to do it contractually A+ list singer to see who gets the Super Bowl gig.

Don’t believe the hype.

Don't believe the hype. These two foreign born one named A list singers didn't hook up with each other. She doesn't want anyone with that big of a body count, especially someone who has never used protection in his life.

They know this prisoner is never getting out of jail.

This foreign born one named singer/rapper and this former A+ list rapper know a certain prisoner is never getting out of jail. But, they also know that their fans have no idea, so just sell them merch at overinflated prices and make the fans think, but not say, it is going to the cause.