The former wheelchair actor leaked the video intentionally in an attempt to steal the shine away from the R&B’s legend’s tour announcement.

He is extremely competitive and believes that he is tracking better with women than he is.



Following the leak of an alleged inappropriate video of Drake on social media, the rapper became a trending topic. The video purportedly showed him undressed from the bottom down, engaging in suggestive behavior while sitting on a bed, with speculation arising due to the resemblance of the headboard to that of Drake’s private jet.

Despite the controversy, the 37-year-old rapper appeared unfazed when questioned about the video by popular streamer Adin Ross. Drake laughed off the incident, suggesting a nonchalant attitude towards the leak.

Usher announced his “Past Present Future” tour, which began in late August across 24 cities, featuring hits from his 30-year career and tracks from his upcoming album “Coming Home.” Tickets went on sale on February 12, with presales starting on February 7. This marked his first major tour since 2014. In addition to the tour, he performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and the Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas.

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