The taxmen on both sides of the border are coming after this foreign A list mostly rapper.

Vacation properties and secret bank accounts are harder to hide when you have two governments investigating.


In 2018, Drake’s former manager, Derrick Lawrence, who co-founded the Aspire Music Group label, received an eight-month prison sentence for failing to file his personal tax returns from 2009 to 2011. Lawrence admitted guilt to three counts of tax evasion in April 2017, asserting that his actions were unintentional due to a lack of knowledge rather than a deliberate disregard for the government.

During his plea, Lawrence emphasized that his failure to file taxes was a result of not staying on top of his accountants’ work. Despite earning $2.2 million over three years, he owed approximately $750,000 in back taxes.

In addition to his prison sentence, Lawrence must pay around $600,000 to the IRS. His lawyer, Stacey Richman, stated Lawrence was financially capable due to his ability to consistently find work and insisted he lived modestly, portraying him as a respected figure in the industry.

Lawrence, who managed Lil Wayne and Drake in 2008, was involved in a lawsuit filed by James “Jas” Prince in 2015 over an alleged breach of a verbal agreement. The case, which centered on promised compensation for discovering Drake and a managerial role, was resolved in Prince’s favor with a settlement of $11 million.

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