Speaking of OnlyFans, there is a CURRENT Housewife who has expressed an interest in starting a page.

If Bravo takes their cut, would they be in the p o r n business?

Erika Jayne Girardi
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

With a second solo international trip so quickly on the heels of another, it looks like the ginger haired one might be willing to try to go back into the family business six months a year, and get some of the daddy money.

Prince Harry

The former wheelchair actor paid a whole lot of money to make sure his mediocre song made it to the top of the charts.


Search & Rescue

I bet the A+ list singer is wondering if she can claw back that fake award she got her now ex.

It didn’t keep him around as long as she thought it would.

Taylor Swift

Joe Alwyn

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