26 06, 2022

3 blinds in a row

That is definitely a first. / I wonder if she would leave him though. / Surrogate to try to have a baby

24 05, 2022

3 blinds in a row

The A list everything in her mind celebrity tried singing live this past week without background vocals built in. / The momager thinks she is being helpful with the career of the soon to be ex late night actor. / This former A+ list singer/piano player was not offered $9M for 9 minutes of work, and would never have turned it down if she was.

28 03, 2022

3 blinds in a row

The permanent A list rapper and his permanent A list wife are set to host a big party this Sunday night. Together. These days, that is an extremely rare occurrence. | The child murderer took home two guys after partying with them in a bar on St. Patrick's Day. | The A+/A list mostly movie actor already made a very poor choice with one permanent procedure done to his body. I know his girlfriend told him that botox would be great for him, but it isn't and he looks awful.

15 02, 2022

Product placements

The A list everything in her mind actress/singer has taken money from dictators who torture and kill hundreds of dissidents and other awful people and is happy to perform for them. So, I don't know why anyone is shocked even to the slightest degree there are product placements in her new movie from a company that has a serial sexual assaulter as their leader.

13 02, 2022

Lowest numbers they had ever seen

According to a staffer at this streaming service who has worked for two other streaming services, the first day numbers for the new movie starring the everything in her mind A lister, were the lowest numbers they had ever seen for a first airing of an original movie.