The online/television tabloid have had several opportunities to ask the A list everything in her mind celebrity about how she lied about the gun story.

The reason they haven’t is because she leaks them stuff and also tells them where she will be to get good shots of her with her husband.


Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has once again found herself in the midst of drama involving her ex, Diddy.

Rumors are flying that J Lo’s latest musical film drop was just a sneaky distraction from Diddy’s troubles.

Diddy’s homes got raided by Homeland Security as part of a s.. e.x trafficking probe, and he’s been hit with a string of lawsuits accusing him of everything under the sun.

One lawsuit even drags J Lo into the mix, claiming she was somehow involved in a nightclub shooting back in ’99.

But while conspiracy theorists are pointing fingers at J Lo, others are calling BS, saying she’s just trying to keep herself relevant.

Turns out, J Lo’s been cooking up this movie since before Diddy’s legal mess even started. So, drama or not, seems like J Lo’s just doing her thing, Bronx references and all.

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