4 01, 2021

This should set off some fireworks.

It should take about five minutes of discovery to establish that it was the momager who leaked all the damaging information to the tabloids about a mother of one of her grandchildren. That should set off some fireworks.

9 11, 2020

They are not even pretending otherwise.

As I have told you for years, this online tabloid has been always on the side of anyone but the permanent A list "singer." They made that perfectly clear this weekend, and for the first time ever, not even pretending otherwise.

20 09, 2020

2 blinds in a row

The permanent A list "singer" has to record for one hour per day. The plan is to release a record and have her go back into residency as quickly as possible. / It almost feels like the online tabloid is getting paid to say mean things about the permanent A list "singer," because they are.

9 08, 2020

Always on the wrong side

The huge online tabloid is seemingly always on the wrong side of fights. This time, as usual, they have decided they are against the permanent A list "singer."

28 05, 2020

It is embarrassing.

It is one thing to be state media for the momager, but when you are, you could at least get the facts straight and not refer to something years old that s not even referencing the family. I know the momager is desperate for attention because there are only so many in home selfies the family can take, but literally none of the article is true about the family member or the north of the border A+ lister.

11 02, 2020

Serial rapist’s return to the ring.

It figures that the massive online tabloid who isn't a friend to victims of sexual assault sold massive amounts of ad space promoting the foreign born serial rapist's return to the ring.

27 07, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This online tabloid who is by far the biggest is subtly telling the world which female celebrities are available or have done yachting this year. / The A list everything in her mind is trying her best to land one of the biggest annual live television events. The thing is, she doesn't have any huge hits.