There is no way this foreign born former A list model goes back to bearding, plus she still hangs out with the former A+ list athlete whenever his mood fancies her.

Irina Shayk

Tom Cruise

Tom Brady

The former one-fifth thought this whole dropping a single thing would be like back in the day when people remembered who she was and no promotion was necessary.

That was a long time ago.

To have your lead single not debut on any chart in any country shows the album that everyone has been waiting for is going to be dead on arrival.


Fifth Harmony, 1:59

This foreign born diminutive superhero wants everyone to think he is going to marry the one named A/A- list actress so keeps leaking things to the tabloids.

It isn’t going to happen.

Tom Holland


This A list mostly movie actor from one of the biggest franchises ever refused to do a voice over gig for a movie a couple of years ago because he thought it was beneath him.

What is being the voice of a delivery app commercial?

Adam Driver
Star Wars

Instacart commercial

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