25 08, 2021

They are not a real couple.

They can take as many pictures together as they like, but this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor and his equal on the list actress "girlfriend" are not a real couple.

16 02, 2020

3 blinds in a row

The former A+ list singer who presented last night not only showed off new work to her face but also her new love for Adderall. / This A+/A list mostly movie actor is ticked off he is going through another round of dating this singer/actress because her people wanted to give it one more try. / This one named A-/B+ list actress keeps trying to make things look like dating with guys, but she would be much happier if she could reveal her girlfriend to the world.

25 03, 2019

He thinks it is real

All it takes is a willingness to sleep with celebrities whether they be male (former A+ list tweener) or female (former A+ list tweener), the COO of a company and fake your way through a relationship with an actor who thinks it is real and then you too can be the new face of a brand.

28 02, 2019

She couldn’t resist taking a shot

They posed for a couple forced smile photos together, but this former Disney actress turned A- list adult actress couldn't resist taking a shot at the A- list mostly television actress who once tried to steal the boyfriend of the former Disney actress.

2 02, 2019

3 blinds in a row

The ultimate kneepadding weekly magazine is being paid a monthly fee through a PR company for approximately 10 positive stories per month about this alliterate former actress turned celebrity. / This permanent A list country singer with a seemingly permanent side gig is cheating on his long time celebrity girlfriend with a staffer of a television show. / This foreign born A- list superhero has been out a lot with a woman who is definitely not the one named actress everyone assumes to be his girlfriend.

29 07, 2018

3 blinds in a row

As part of her new tour, this former A list singer who is still A- list had to agree in writing to a clause that says she forfeits her night's fee if she is more than 30 minutes late for her scheduled show. / This former A list tween actress turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has a little higher name recognition than her spot on the acting list was telling everyone last night that she caught her actor boyfriend cheating on her again.

13 02, 2018

They want to find a boyfriend for her who will stick this time.

The management team and her agency are scrambling. It seems this young, former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actress wants to come out. She is tired of pretending otherwise but her team is scared she won't ever get to that A list level which is so close. They want to find a boyfriend for her who will stick this time.

10 12, 2017

They received random payments

Several people including The Director's Wife and a one name still young actress have received random payments in the past week for supporting or at least not bashing Harvey Weinstein when they could have.

14 10, 2017

She is one of the victims and doesn’t have to say a word.

This former Disney actress has barely said two sentences about Harvey. She has a lot more she could say but won't. She is one of the victims and doesn't have to say a word. I think she thinks people will take it the wrong way because she went all in on the sex for roles and the Marchesa dresses.

26 09, 2017

She is getting a little old for Disney.

This A- list Disney actress who can’t get work doing much else really wants out of the Disney shell. She is getting a little old for Disney. Apparently, like one of her predecessors, she is going to at least go topless for her next movie to force herself away from the Disney brand.