This B list foreign born actor is only that high because of who he dated for so long.

He was asked this weekend why everyone sees him out and about now but hadn’t for the past five or six years and he said his much higher on the list girlfriend didn’t like to go out, so they stayed home all the time.

That is a 180 from what we have always been told.

Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift

This A list rapper tried to touch the A- list reality star a few times the other night and she quickly pulled away.

Yeah, but tell me again how it is true love.

I bet she cannot wait for filming to be over this season.

Bad Bunny

Kendal Jenner

This one named A/A- list actress says she won’t be coming back for another season of the pay cable show.



At an event out of the country this foreign born A/A- list singer who has been famous since he was a tween, could not string any sentences together.

He looked like a zombie.

Justin Bieber

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