21 09, 2022


Allegedly he has developed some type of staph infection related to fillers.

16 06, 2022

3 blinds in a row

She wants to start a micro dosing business / The child murderer changed her job title / He credits his wife's former witchcraft rituals for keeping him playing so long

8 11, 2021

No one dares ask.

You always think the permanent A+ list QB is going to talk about the affair with the nanny, but it never comes up and no one dares ask.

27 02, 2021

The slur

The slur directed towards the A/A- list NFL player by the A+ list NFL player was a homophobic slur.

7 10, 2019

The model is staying somewhere else

Apparently there have been a couple of big fights between the foreign born permanent A list model and her permanent A list athlete husband about the athlete's house guest to the point where the model is staying somewhere else.

22 06, 2018

Discretion is not really her jam.

This married permanent A list still playing athlete called in some favors to find a model or two who would stay quiet if he hooked up with them. Honestly, they probably had no idea who he was, but they know what will happen to them, if they say anything. Now, if he had gone through that new Madam, she would have posted pictures of the hookup. Discretion is not really her jam.