13 10, 2021

He doesn’t want an American.

Our favorite foreign born closeted A/A- list mostly television actor has been trying to find a girlfriend that can really beard well. He doesn't want an American.

1 10, 2021

To make sure she stays quiet.

With this celebrity offspring set to reach an age early next Spring where she can decide whether she wants visitation with a parent, things are in motion. The A list parent who never sees the child is set to make a big move to bring her into his orbit not only as a successor but to make sure she stays quiet.

17 05, 2021

He didn’t see this coming

If you don't think this A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't know what is happening behind the scenes, well he does. That is reason number one he made that useless gesture. What he didn't see coming was the stoner comic actor trying to save himself by throwing the A+ lister under the bus by implying he is anti-Semitic.

15 05, 2021

The studio found out who the whistleblower is

For the past 12-18 months I have been updating you with the saga about the crooked leaders in a country willing to take a bribe from a movie studio and production team to allow them to destroy a bridge. An actual real bridge that people use every day. They brought in the A+ list lead of the film to shine on the leader of the country and he gave permission. Then the people protested. Anyway, the studio found out who the whistleblower is and have been giving that person a hard enough time that they had to file a lawsuit against the studio.

27 04, 2021

She was told to get over it and he was just having fun.

This former A list mostly movie actress all of you know, doesn't really work much any longer. She has a slightly famous child and a really famous ex. She was threatened with being fired after she kept complaining that this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor kept groping her when they were filming a movie back in the day. She was told to get over it and he was just having fun.

15 04, 2021

This could take quite some time before we see the finished product.

This long long long time coming sequel to a movie that was a massive hit and even had a massive soundtrack is really bad. There needs to be some more shooting and the script needs some reworking. The thing is, the star of it doesn't have time to do any work on it for a few months, so this could take quite some time before we see the finished product.

2 04, 2021

4 blinds in a row

This A+ list mostly movie actor who has a decades long franchise recently took an online anti vax course that he paid $500 to attend. / This "recent" male actor says he was sexually assaulted by this A/A- list mostly movie actor when they filmed something together not that long ago. / Even though it is in a reputable newspaper, I have not seen or heard anything to suggest the permanent A list ex of this A+/A list mostly movie actor is publicly supporting him in his battle with his most recent ex. That is not a battle in which she wants to involve herself. It would seem the marriage of the rocker who has been in this space several times in the past few weeks is coming to an end.