I guess the financing didn’t come through so the pint sized actor and his “girlfriend,” split.

Tom Cruise

Elsina Khayrova


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Her money is frozen

Tom Cruise ended his relationship with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova due to concerns about her outspoken ex-husband, Dmitry Tsvetkov, who gave interviews detailing their marriage.

Sources say Cruise’s team worried about potential media scrutiny caused by Tsvetkov’s comments.

Tsvetkov, who praised Cruise in the interviews, also expressed a desire for Cruise to portray him in a movie about his life.

Cruise, busy filming the eighth “Mission: Impossible” movie, reportedly split with Khayrova in late February, with sources claiming their relationship had naturally ended.

Khayrova, the daughter of a Vladimir Putin ally, remains hopeful about rekindling their romance.

Despite the breakup, she appears to be handling it well, sharing positive messages on social media from a luxury hotel in Cyprus.

The couple first appeared together publicly in December and reportedly met at one of Cruise’s exclusive Sunday tea parties.

2021: The divorce battle between Russian diamond dealer Dmitry Tsvetkov, 40, and his model wife, Elsina Khayrova, 33, was launched over their £42 million property portfolio, Cartier jewelry, Renoir and Chagall art, and Ferrari and Bentley supercars at London’s High Court.

They had set up home in a lavish £22 million mega-mansion in Surrey with their two young children but had ‘fallen out’ and began battling over their multi-million pound family fortune.

The estranged couple both sued each other in the High Court for ‘delivery up of property’ they insisted was theirs, gearing up for a divorce battle.

Mr. Tsvetkov, who became a British citizen in 2010, had come to the UK from Russia. He hit the headlines in January in a court row over a £15 million diamond with then-business partner Rustem Magdeev in a Graff boutique in Cyprus.

Ms. Khayrova, daughter of Russian politician Rinat Khayrov, is thought to earn £105,000-a-year as a member of President Putin’s party.

Their family mansion boasted its own pool, spa, wine cellar, cinema, and underground car park with enough space for ten cars.

In the diamond court row, Mr. Magdeev’s lawyer Stephen Robins claimed that financial documents showed Mr. Tsvetkov had bought a £30,000 Hermes crocodile skin bag for his wife on expenses.

However, the couple turned on each other, and Mr. Tsvetkov left the family home, with his lawyer accusing Ms. Khayrova of taking her husband’s passport after he departed and refusing to give it back.


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