While asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for his company from the state where it is headquartered, the wealthy bookseller is moving out of the state so he doesn’t have to pay any taxes to the state.

Jeff Bezos



He is packing up and leaving the state faster than you can say “taxes”!

Jeff Bezos is bidding farewell to Seattle and heading to Miami. The Amazon founder shared on Instagram his decision to relocate from Seattle, his home since 1994, to be closer to his parents who recently moved back to Florida, where he spent his younger years. Bezos acknowledged the emotional aspect of the move, expressing gratitude for the memories in Seattle.

The Instagram post included a retro video featuring Bezos touring the first Amazon “office” in Bellevue, Washington—an original garage that sold for $1.5 million a few years ago. Amazon’s success has made it one of the world’s largest companies, with its headquarters in Seattle and over 55,000 employees in the vicinity.

Bezos cited the growing focus of his space exploration company, Blue Origin, on Cape Canaveral, located about three hours north of Miami, as another contributing factor to his decision.


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