Apparently, being an Oscar winning writer has a lot more pull than I thought in a courtroom.

There was even video, but nothing happened.

What it did show, is that the writer has a violent temper, his husband has dealt with it numerous times and the writer has a drug problem.

Dustin Lance Black

Tom Daley

The drama that dragged Tom Daley’s hubby, Dustin Lance Black, into the courtroom spotlight: A judge swiftly nixed a £10,000 ‘assault’ case against the film director after CCTV footage revealed a nightclub tango with BBC star Teddy Edwardes. Black, 49, was accused of a wrist-grabbing escapade that left Edwardes drenched in her own drink, but the judge waved away the claims faster than a magician pulling a disappearing act.

Legal wizards argued there was as much evidence of Black’s touch as finding a needle in a haystack, and that Edwardes’ story was more inconsistent than British weather. Cue the video footage exposing the pre-exit squabble between the two partygoers at Freedom nightclub in Soho. As Black made his grand exit, Edwardes decided to give him a love tap to the back of the head, earning herself a concussion and a police caution.

In an unexpected twist, the judge declared game over for the assault case before the defense team even warmed up their seats, deciding there was about as much proof as a pudding in a pastry shop. The courtroom curtain fell, leaving behind a £600,000 dent in Black’s pockets and a tale that’s juicier than a celebrity soap opera.

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