The family members of the former talk show host got a bunch of money to talk smack about the host.

Don’t believe otherwise.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ family members are expressing deep concerns regarding the guardianship that has kept them separated from her since her diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia.

They are troubled by the fact that Williams has been under court-appointed guardianship since May 2022, a decision initiated by Wells Fargo due to suspicions of potential elder abuse.

Family members, including her sister, niece, and brother, are speaking out ahead of the release of the Lifetime documentary Where Is Wendy Williams?, shedding light on their inability to visit her and the difficulty in establishing communication.

They question the lack of inclusion in the decision-making process that led to the guardianship. They wonder why they were not considered as potential caregivers or decision-makers for Williams.

Mark Ford, an executive producer on “Where Is Wendy Williams?” said that the documentary team tried numerous times to contact the guardian, whose identity remains undisclosed, but their calls were consistently rejected.

He said: “So, we weren’t able to really ask the questions that we would’ve loved to have asked, like. What’s going on here on a daily basis? And why is there no food in Wendy’s apartment, for example? Simple things that we were able to see just because we were there so often.”

“When we got to know Wendy’s family, it was clear to us this was a nice family, and the question remained in our minds: Why is the family not able to be a part of Wendy’s life? Why is the family not able to serve as her guardian?’ he mused. ‘I still don’t fully have those answers.”

Williams niece Alex:
“I have not heard my aunt sound this good in years. To hear my aunt now in terms of just how clear she is, just how focused she is on the importance of family and the reality in terms of facing and understanding where she’s at physically and mentally and emotionally, it is like a 180. I’m always just reminding her when I’m on the phone with her that she has a world of people here that love you, are supporting you and want to see you back.”

Her sister Wanda

“How did she go from this aunt or sister that we love and is healthy one minute to this person who’s in and out of the hospital? How is that system better than the system the family could put in place? This system is broken.”

In a recent interview, her sister, niece, and brother stated that they are unaware of the facility where she is currently residing, and they are prohibited from initiating calls to her. Instead, they can only communicate with her if she decides to reach out to them.

Her niece Alex said ‘the first sign something was really wrong’ was when Williams fainted on the air while wearing a Statue of Liberty costume in 2017, which she later blamed on her Graves disease.

The Wendy William Show co-executive producer Suzanne Bass said: ‘As her situation grew worse, she pushed us away.’

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