This married A/A- list actress who has been acting since she was young and may or may not still be living with her higher on the list athlete husband deleted several photos from social media after they were filled with comments about the work she just had done and why it looked so bad.

Gabrielle Union

Dwyane Wade

The A list singer/bad actor is overselling his love of his wife.

It gives off Jada Pinkett Smith vibes.

Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel

This lottery-sounding rapper has just been told that her marketing budget has been cut in half.

Her singles aren’t selling or being streamed enough to justify the amount of money they have already spent on her.

Her new single peaked at #100 on the Hot 100 and the execs are infuriated.


This A/A- list actress/writer/producer is pregnant again, but once again is being sneaky about it.

Kind of like the whole who is the daddy thing.

Mindy Kaling

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