25 03, 2022

She will never admit it

She will never admit it, but this A- list actress/writer/producer who starred on one of the biggest shows of all time, had a bunch of work done to her body, including multiple sessions of liposuction.

24 12, 2020

Second child’s father of the actress is…

The buzz is the second child's father of the actress is the person everyone assumes is the right answer. However, the first child is actually the offspring of the disgraced A- list actor which is why that was kept quiet from the beginning.

12 08, 2020

This is easy for her.

When you don't have the normal operating systems in place, it makes it easy for this A- list actress/writer to once again sneak in a pregnancy. She did it before when things were normal. This is easy for her. No annoying red carpet father questions to avoid either.

31 03, 2019

It took some shine off her always on luster.

This actress, who was in an earlier blind item was having a tough time defending her position of why she went and supported this disgraced comic at a recent show he put on. It took some shine off her always on luster.

16 10, 2018

3 blinds in a row

This B/B- list mostly television actress who is the celebrity offspring of some permanent A listers brought her drug dealer to an event so he could find new clients. / That baby daddy identity announcement is coming really soon for the A/A- list actress/writer. / He used to only do it while out of the country. He then started doing it via DM's in social media.

9 04, 2018

The parents have to mutually agree to reveal who the father of the baby is.

For purposes of child support, the father of this baby and the mother of this baby have agreed in writing he is not responsible for any support ever for the child. In the agreement, the father did not give up any of his parental or custodial rights, but agrees the baby should live with the actress mother for now. The parents also have to mutually agree to reveal who the father of the baby is.