Speaking of step ups, this married A- list actor from a long running cable show who hasn’t done really anything since it went off the air has hit head against a wall trying to get a reboot for himself.

The answer is always going to be no.

What he did do though is convince the showrunner that he is some kind of stalker.

Gabriel Macht


Aaron Korsh

Whenever Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams find themselves in front of cameras these days, one inevitable question arises: Have they been approached to revive their roles as Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in the new series?

The short answer?

No. Not yet.

“I have yet to be asked – it sounds like it’s a spinoff where they’re really building a new world with new characters and a whole new story,” said Adams. “I’ve spoken to [series creator Aaron Korsh], have you spoken to Adam?”

“I haven’t spoken to Aaron,” admitted Macht. “I’ve gotten a couple texts from him. He’s early in the process of casting.”

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