25 07, 2020

Wait until everyone starts digging

This public figure/billionaire has come under very close public scrutiny the past few days. Wait until everyone starts digging into his ties with the procurer/madam/sexual assaulter and the favors she would do for him.

5 07, 2020

The email exists.

The email exists. Apparently it is part of an antitrust investigation of some type. From what I understand it isn't really collusion because they were not controlling the market per se. The email is between the CEO of this streaming company and the really rich guy who made his wife really rich when he cheated on her.

14 05, 2020

Replacing everyone with robots

You know the really rich guy? No, the one super rich who cheated on his wife with someone who was already married (Lauren Sánchez/Patrick Whitesell)? Yeah, that guy. Apparently one of the reasons he is being a tool about worker safety and such is that if enough of them get sick and have to go on leave, he can bring in his plan for replacing everyone with robots.

21 03, 2020

He continues to keep pouring money into media companies

This billionaire that everyone knows, continues to keep pouring money into media companies and many millions more to PR companies just so there is a very tight lid on exploring other connections he had with the billionaire pedophile. Oh, like the time they left a party together in Santa Barbara and went to a house in Montecito where some "models" were waiting.

3 03, 2020

She wants her own money.

She spilled all of his secrets before for tabloid cash. Does anyone really think she is done spilling them if the price is right? Whether it is his bedroom fetishes or deals he is about to make or people he is going to talk to. She wants her own money. Prenup money is not what she has in mind. State money is what she has in mind.

4 09, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This really rich guy who seemingly controls the world through his various companies is cheating on his girlfriend with an actress who stars in a show from one of his ventures. / This foreign born former A+ list boy bander who really would like to move into acting on a full time basis subtly revealed he is bisexual. / It appears that people have been skimming money from the permanent A list "singer" and trying to hide it.

1 09, 2019

2 blinds in a row

It isn't a very inclusive situation when this foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer and his celebrity wife go to church. They are seated in a separate area with bodyguards surrounding them to keep anyone away from them. / This A list singer/sometime reality star who has some bad press right now kissed the butt of that rich guy while she was on a yacht and then played his company picnic last night.