12 02, 2022

This very wealthy CEO is a lot like Dr. Evil

This very wealthy CEO who is a lot like Dr. Evil, has sent a team of people to buy people's homes in one California community. He offers them a crazy high price, and if they don't accept it, they will soon find out that living there will soon turn miserable.

23 10, 2021

He doesn’t care if it loses money.

The television networks that show the NFL are in a bind. As a group most of them dislike the rich guy with the messy personal life and also know he will bid far more than any of them are capable of to acquire a package from the NFL. He doesn't care if it loses money. One of the network heads wants to bid the package up to ridiculous prices just to make the pain hurt more. But, the others have argued that if they do that, they will have set the bar too high for the bids for the packages they want.

29 07, 2021

The celebrity CEO isn’t dumb.

The celebrity CEO isn't dumb. He will tell you that he can give a reporter an all expense paid trip somewhere for a week with an e.s.c.o.r.t./s.t.r.i.p.p.e.r. that costs the CEO $20K and he will get 30-40 stories worth 1000 times that amount over the course of a couple of years.

11 07, 2021

Does this mean there is a war between the actor’s interests and the wealthy bookseller and wealthy farmer?

Would you be surprised that this A+ list mostly movie actor hired a company to act as bodyguards for the actor and his profile visitors when visiting this Caribbean nation? Would you be surprised that the head of that company is the man who was arrested for the murder of the leader of that country. Would you be surprised that same man was the head of security for a foundation's personnel in the same country. The head of the foundation had the person recommended by the actor.

1 07, 2021

People were jealous that he had such a thriving crypto farm

The widow of this technology king who always had an edge to him says that people were jealous that he had such a thriving crypto farm and doing it all without having to pay any electricity bills. She says that just a short time after this much wealthier tech CEO came to visit the country is when the king got arrested.

17 06, 2021

He wants a clause in the contract forcing them to repay a bonus he plans on offering.

The really rich tech guy with the generous ex is spending a lot of money to determine whether if he has workers sign contracts to work for a certain amount of time, if he can enforce it, or will still have to let them quit. If they are allowed to quit, he wants a clause in the contract forcing them to repay a bonus he plans on offering. They won't be able to repay and will be forced to continue working for the company until it is paid off.

14 06, 2021

Just wait until you start getting paid with credits rather than actual money.

The really rich guy who cheated on his wife with a woman who was already married to a rich guy and had her brother all film it. Yeah, that rich guy. He is trying to do this on his own as a company rather than partnering with the company that changed its original name to something almost kindergarten like. Anyway, this is how this little program is envisioned by the rich guy and he has it ready to roll out as soon as he talks one of the three big boys into paying him. He would like an exclusive with all three so he wouldn't have any competition, but he figures the guy I wrote about it in an earlier blind item today is not far behind in the technology, but doesn't have an easy way to charge the fee like our rich guy does.