This actress has been in this space several times over the years.

Most of the time she finds herself in this very same spot.

Her peak was probably A- list.

All of you know her.

She has appeared in a lot of projects, none of which were all that great.

She has no big awards, let alone nominations.

She is in here because before she became an actress she was a very successful yachter who decided to become an actress and got her biggest role by giving this A list mostly television director the best s3x of his life.

Along the way, she also hooked up with some very A+ list people outside the entertainment industry and at one point had her life in danger because of what she knows.

She has written a book which will never see the light of day. It is under lock and key somewhere but will never be seen.

She is older now and not really in demand as a yachter or an actress.

She gets recurring roles here and there and middling to bad movies.

She has a big enough name where she can do just fine acting, but her peak days are long gone.

It has been awhile since any of her secrets about her lovers mattered to anyone.

But, suddenly they matter again and she is extremely worried for her safety again.

There is a wannabe A++ lister who had a years long thing with her because he heard a lot of good things about her from people in his circle.

Things got complicated and he traded her in for something a little less controversial.

But, our actress knows stuff.

It didn’t matter before, but it matters now and he really doesn’t any of that to come out.

My guess is she will get a huge payoff and now that the strike is over, some offer to star in a movie where she gets twenty times her fee in return for signing a NDA.

Bai Ling

Some of A+ list people: Jack Ma

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