Back in the day this A+ list mostly movie actor was a regular user of heroin.

He would hole up in hotel rooms with whoever was his girlfriend of the month and party himself nearly to death.

One of the women he dated for about six months said that more than once she would come home after being at a shoot or on a set and find him motionless and think he was dead.

Our actor’s saving grace is that he never combines anything when he is doing heroin.

He would always abstain from using pills or other drugs although he would drink.

When he would mix drinking with heroin he would become violent which seems hard to fathom but things would get destroyed.

Not people, but things.

Angry would be an understatement how he was when he was on it. There was a really long absence from the drug but he recently became involved with a woman who has used it in the past, but only in pill form.

Our actor, never being a fan of pills tried the pills a few times and it has brought back the urge and in the past few months he has been on two and three day benders inside various hotel suites with his girlfriend.

His already thin frame has been reduced.

His infrequent showers are even more spaced out.

Our actor is the same as he used to be.

Only one person who knew him back in the day has also seen him now and apparently the violence has been reduced dramatically when he uses.

The reason though is he is combining other drugs and now there is a worry that his new girlfriend is encouraging the behavior because she thinks it gives them a better high.

Actor: Johnny Depp
Current girlfriend: Amber Heard


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