It wouldn’t shock me if the A- list celebrity/actor/reality star/general all around a-hole grifter didn’t use the Go Fund Me he set up to pay for the $25,000 birthday party he threw for himself.

Todrick Hall

My take: Fire is a traumatic experience. A good client/friend of mine in the past went through this with her husband. I took them in the first night, then family members and friends stepped in. We all came together to help the family first by making sure their heads were in the right place. They were shaken, we were too. The fear is great. They took off from the city for a “vacation” first to cry and grieve and be away from the location. Insurance does not kick in right away, you get a place to stay – a hotel or rental, they pay for this but there is so much paper work, different people you have to deal with, survive, grieve and start over again is not easy. I’d like to think the party was a surprise/a gift. Read his GofundMe message below.
Yes he has been accused my multiple things, but fire is a fire. ~ Foxella
Here are some accusations from past:

He has been accused by several dancers (and other creative collaborators) of not paying all the people involved in his various music videos and productions.

In June 2023, he was sued by Showroom Interiors for $126,000. The company claimed that they delivered furniture to Todrick in 2021 at his home and he never paid the bill in full.

In March 2022, Todrick was sued for $60,000 by his landlords. They claimed that he owed them that sum in back rent.

Todrick Hall faced criticism after creating a GoFundMe page to support his family whose home had burned down.

Despite reaching his fundraising goal, some questioned why he, as a successful artist, didn’t cover the expenses himself, especially after hosting what appeared to be an extravagant birthday party.

Hall responded to the backlash, denying accusations of misusing funds and explaining that the party was either gifted or sponsored.

He also addressed abusive messages he received, emphasizing the difficult circumstances he and his family were facing and expressing gratitude to supporters.

Hall explained his own financial constraints due to the pandemic and union strikes, stating he couldn’t single-handedly support his family’s recovery.


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His GoFundMe message:

Thank you so much for all the love and support, your kind messages and concern over the past couple weeks. A few weeks ago I got a FaceTime call from my little brother…I almost didn’t answer because I was in a work meeting, but my brother knows I’m not a FaceTime guy and it was very abnormal for him to call me multiple times back to back. I answered the call to him screaming and freaking out the house was burning down. He was home alone and trying to call my parents and no one was answering.

My mom was in LA visiting me so I ran downstairs to let her know and she was as you can expect very devastated. I do not come from money, at all, and typically I would be the person to step up to the plate to help. But, as a performer who’s just recovering from the pandemic and the union strike myself there’s only so much I can do so. I have helped where I can, but I can’t get the entire family back on their feet at this moment as I’m transitional period myself. I said I wasn’t going to start a GoFundMe, but I listen to you guys and so many of you said you’d prefer to do it this way than to buy merchandise or order cameos so I’m putting this here in the event that this is your preferred way of contributing.

At first we thought that it was just part of the home, the living room and kitchen and that maybe it could be fixed, but upon inspection and going into the home it turns out the entire home is unlivable.

Anything you can do to help would be so appreciated. My family was renting a home, so the insurance will cover fixing the home, but will take a while and ultimately just helps the home owners, not my family. We are survivors, all of us, so I know that they’ll get through this and if you aren’t able to help just know that we still appreciate your support and kindness during this difficult time.


Todrick and the Cornish family

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